The Ultimate OC Quiz

I am obsessed with The OC. I have an OC calendar, all three seasons of The OC, The OC Trivia Game, an "OC Wall", and OC posters all over my room. I have never met someone as obsessed to The OC as me. Lets see how you compare...

So you like The OC... but are you really OBSESSED like me? Just answer 25 trivia questions, and I will show you the results. I hope that they are the ones that you were looking for.

Created by: Kaitlyn
  1. What does Summer's father do for a living?
  2. Seth welcomes Ryan to the Newport party scene with what "Star Wars" phrase?
  3. How long would Seth's dream trip to Tahiti take?
  4. What holiday gift does Anna give Seth?
  5. Where did Marissa and Oliver meet?
  6. How does Ryan respond when Marissa says, "I love you."?
  7. What holiday gift does Seth give to Ryan?
  8. How does Seth feel when Hailey locks him and Ryan in the pool house?
  9. Whom does Seth end up kissing on New Year's Eve?
  10. What kind of ethnic food does Oliver serve to his friends at the penthouse?
  11. Where does Summer learn that Seth and Anna are a couple?
  12. What vehicle does Oliver use to attack Ryan and Luke in Palm Springs?
  13. What does Ryan steal from Marissa's locker?
  14. What is Natalie's job?
  15. What does Sandy say is the key to a successful romantic relationship?
  16. What musical group sings the "The OC" theme song, "California"?
  17. Where is Ryan's father?
  18. What does Seth do in the pool at the empty model home?
  19. Who starts the fight that causes the model home to burn down?
  20. What does Sandy call the women of Newport Beach?
  21. What is Ryan's mother's first name?
  22. What kind of work did Ryan do for two summers before coming to Newport?
  23. How does Ryan's mom embarrass him at Casino Night?

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