The ULTIMATE quiz!

The ultimate quiz will answer everyting you have ever wanted to know about anything! What is the ultimate quiz you ask? Well all you have to do to find out it take it. You will never feel the same about quizzes again!

Are you tired of the same stupid quizzes? Well you days of endless quiz searching is over. Just take this quick and easy test, and before you know it you will know what everyone else has been wanting to know!

Created by: kyle
  1. What group did/do you belong to in high school?
  2. What do you do on the weekends?
  3. How many relationships have you been in?
  4. When with other people?
  5. What music do you listen to?
  6. How many friends do you have on myspace?
  7. Are you truely happy?
  8. Where have you been?
  9. What is your favorite tv station?
  10. What do you look for in the opposite sex?

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