The Goalkeeper Quiz

There are many goalkeepers around, some are poor, some are good, some are brilliant. But are you world class like Manuel Neaur and Romero. I guess its time for you to find out.

I guess you either like football of goalkeeper if you want to take this quiz. Here you can test your knowledge on goalkeepers from all over the world.

Created by: CJ

  1. Who started in goal for England in there first game of the 2010 world cup vs America?
  2. Where is Crystal Palace goalkeeper Julian Speroni from?
  3. Keylor Navas plays international football for which country?
  4. Which Goalkeeper scored for Stoke City against Southampton?
  5. Which of these is a spanish goalkeeper?
  6. which club team does Ireland international David Forde play for?
  7. Which goalkeeper left Barcelona in the summer of 2014?
  8. Who did Newcastle goalkeeper Tim Krul make his debut against?
  9. Who was in goal for Liverpool in the 2005 champions league final?
  10. Which of these goalkeepers are scottish?

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