Which goalkeeper are you

I know if you don't pass it's okay 👌🏻 you are still the best just do your best and go be like you I trust in you deal if you don't pass it's okay your the best

Are you a good keeper we'll take this quiz and see If you get a good goalkeeper like Julio Cesar,neuer,Buffon,joe hart,and de gea which one will you be

Created by: Ali harb

  1. How old are you
  2. What is your gender
  3. You get transferred to Manchester United what do you do
  4. When is your birthday
  5. What's your fave drink
  6. Fave food
  7. What's your favorite national team
  8. Fave keeper
  9. What's your favorite team
  10. Do you think you'll get some one good

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Quiz topic: Which goalkeeper am I