Which goalkeeper are you?

Hey, I'm Matt.Welcome to this Multi-quiz. Has anyone ever said "If you were a goalkeeper who would you be" or something like that. this maybe the quiz for you!!

Who wants to know the results you can get: find out after 12 questions, this may take you a while if you are slow if your fast this will probably take 1 minute!

Created by: cookies12
  1. You get transferred to Barcelona and you get interviewed. what do you say!
  2. You get chosen into the reserves for your team, how do you react?
  3. You've been asked for a kickabout with your mates at the club, what do you do?
  4. You go to the localist takeaway, what will you have?
  5. I've forgoten, how many fans do you have?!?!
  6. Whats you fave drink?, I wanna know, i'm nosey!
  7. How Epic our you
  8. At least 2 to go!, Whens your birthday?
  9. Will You be better then Iker Casillas
  10. Last question. Do you think you will get a epic result

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Quiz topic: Which goalkeeper am I?