How Cheshire are you?

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Possibly you've wondered your whole life about this magical, mystical place that is Cheshire (or at least heard of the Cheshire cat...?). Or maybe you've just followed a link from Facebook because someone else did.

Just how Cheshire are you? Are you more Shropshire? Or entirely not at all Cheshire (it's not necessarily a bad thing). Find out in this exciting and entirely accurate quiz!

Created by: CheshireCat
  1. You live:
  2. Cheshire is located:
  3. The last time you had to stop your car to let livestock cross the road was
  4. In Chester it is legend that:
  5. Jodrell bank is
  6. The last outdoor music event you went to was:
  7. The Golden Triangle is an area in Cheshire consisting of the following three towns:
  8. Cheshire is served by how many motorways?
  9. How would you pronounce the name of the place Cholmondeley?
  10. You're meeting some friends for a picnic at Tatton park. Which town would you be going near to?
  11. Which member of One Direction is from Cheshire? (Bonus points for having had your photo taken with him)
  12. The last time you went for afternoon tea was:
  13. 01244 is the dialling code for which area in Cheshire?
  14. The International Cheese Awards are held in which Cheshire town?

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Quiz topic: How Cheshire am I?