How Middlewich Are You?

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Quizzes are all the rage at the moment and people are queueing up to find out how Cheshire or Northern etc they are. Now, the small town of Middlewich, Cheshire., gets the treatment.

Are you Middlewich born and bred? Have you lived here a long time? Too long, perhaps? Now's your chance to find out as the Middlewich Diary presents the Ultimate Middlewich Quiz. How Middlewich Are You?

Created by: DaveRoberts

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  1. Who is, or was, Victor Peet?
  2. When travelling from Middlewich to Cledford, which of the following do you require?
  3. Are you a member of the 'Keep Middlewich Miserable' brigade?
  4. What is, or was, 'The Dodger'?
  5. Where is 'The Gateway to Middlewich'?
  6. In which region is Middlewich?
  7. Translate the following into English: 'Ah've geyten a new Moggie from a chop 'us lives dine near th'ackerdock.'
  8. If you're walking down Wheelock Street and a passer-by says, 'Awreet?'what should you say in return?
  9. If you should encounter a Woolyback, what should you do?
  10. If you're going 'across Pops' where are you?

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