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Cheshire made this quiz so he could level up. That's all. You can ignore it for all he cares. Cheshire is not even trying to make it good anymore.

So take the quiz and get it over with. Or don't. Cheshire doesn't care. Just don't bother complaining about it. Cheshire won't be listening. -.-

Created by: Cheshire
  1. Flowers are prettiful.
  2. Dancing in the rain is fun.
  3. The night is just as nice as the day.
  4. Music is wonderful.
  5. So is pie.
  6. This quiz is stupid.
  7. Fluffy animals are:
  8. Fruit is nice.
  9. Vegetables are nice, too.
  10. Colors are pretty, too.
  11. This is my first quiz, meant only to level me up. Forgive me?

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