the marine quiz

There are quite a few extremely smart people in the world like me, who definetly know a good film when they see one. But to be a true genius, you must have an extremely good brain and you should be able to answer simple questions in the blink of an eye!

So. You think your a genius do you? Well think again. Because until you've have passed this quiz. Your a dumb as dumb can be. So take my brilliant quiz and within in a couple of minutes. you will find out if you are as good as me!!! xoxoxox

Created by: mrs.cena
  1. how many members are there in rome's gang?
  2. why did john get fired from the army?
  3. what was johns new job once he got fired from the army?
  4. what is rome's girlfriend called?
  5. what was the last sentance in the film?
  6. why did john have to give kate CPR?
  7. which member of rome's gang did rome kill?
  8. where was 'the marine' set?
  9. Where was 'the marine' filmed?
  10. When john had saturdays and sundays off, what were his 2 hobbies?
  11. who play's john's beautiful wife, Kate?
  12. What type of car does john have in the movie?
  13. What colour is john's car in the movie?
  14. What is john's mate called when he starts his new job?
  15. After Rome's gang rob the jewllery store, who blows up the cop car?
  16. When john and Kate stop to get gas, what drink does Kate ask for?
  17. When John goes to try and save Kate, What does Rome try and attack him with?

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