The insanely difficult quiz!

Hi everyone. Joshi001 here with the most difficult quiz you'll ever find in history. It may look simple, but knowing the general public, you'll fall into a deeeeeeep trap during this quiz. I'm probably one of few who can answer this quiz correctly!

The idea was found on a social networking site made in America that eventually became popular in Britain and all over the world! It has thousands of apps on it and is extremely cool in every way. Take the quiz now!

Created by: amazon
  1. Let's start off with a few easy questions to warm you up, then move onto the hard stuff! What is 2+2?
  2. Click the wrong answer...
  3. What is this quiz called?
  4. Which website did I get the idea for this (only 1 in 10000 people could probably get this)?
  5. What do a baby human and a baby goat have in common?
  6. What is Pi?
  7. Click the British word
  8. How hard is this quiz?
  9. What was the first question?
  10. my name?

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