The most difficult House MD quiz IN THE WORLD!

THIS MAY BE THE MOST DIFFICULT HOUSE MD QUIZ YOU HAVE EVER TAKEN! Don't be discouraged! Try hard and you will do well. House rocks and this description is way to difficult to write! just take the quiz!

Are you House worthy? Test your knowledge in the most difficult quiz you have ever taken! just a few minutes and you too can be Hous-ian! Yes!! take this quiz

Created by: sydney23
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  1. What color were the pills that were mistaken for cough pills in "Paternity"?
  2. What tattoo did the nun in "Damned If You Do" have? and where?
  3. What short lived television show, did the husband from "Fidelity", star in?
  4. What is the final DDX of the sick teacher, for whom House fills in for in "Three Stories"
  5. What popular movie did Dr. Sebastian Charles, from "TB or Not TB" star in?
  6. What book does House read in the airport, when Stacy won't talk to him in "Failure to Communicate"?
  7. How does Henry (the older man) get brucellosis? (Sex Kills)
  8. What other, popular 90s TV show does House mention in "Cane and Able"?
  9. What T-shirt does House mention in "All In"
  10. Cameron causes the patient's tears in "Deception" to turn a strange color. What color was it?
  11. In what kind of container does House serve alcohol in "Acceptance"?
  12. What animal is House too slow to catch in "Euphoria"?
  13. What did House do that ended a potenial marriage between his friend (Crandal) and a woman? (mentioned in "Who's Your Daddy")
  14. House is quick to correct Wilson when Wilson refers to "Vegetative State" as "coma guy", but what name, in referrance to himself, did House accept?

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