Do you have to pee?

This is the do yu have to pee quiz. Are you bouncing up and down inur seat, tapping ur legs and holding itself? If so maybe you have to pee. How bad??

Bad? Really bad? Super bad? Extremely bad? Super duper absolutely burstingly extremely bad??? Who knows. See if I can guess if u have to pee or not!!!

Created by: EmraldYE

  1. Is there a bathroom available where you are?
  2. How do call a bathroom?
  3. Try to let some pee out in your pants. What happened?
  4. Are you moving in your seat?
  5. Go sit on the toilet with Ur pants on. How do feel?
  6. How do refer to pee?
  7. What movements are u doing?
  8. What do you feel when you push at Ur bladder?
  9. How did u like my quiz?
  10. Please comment. Also last question-- how long ago did u pee last?

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Quiz topic: Do I have to pee?