Warrior cats: Untold tales

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You are a kit named Morningkit. You have Untold tales to tell to the world! Make sure they are very interesting in this tale. the tale is simple but, dramatic a bit!

You are a yellow brownish tabby with yellow eyes. Morningkit has her own story to tell! Bad way or good way, who knows? You can use a fanfiction of this great tale with some of these parts, and some parts of your own!

Created by: Zoomi

  1. You wake up. Your mother mews happily "My little Morningkit has woken up! I am your mother, Autumnwillow. shhhhh.. now, I am a med. cat.... Your father will take care of you." as Autumnwillow ran away.
  2. 3 moons later: Morningkit was playing with ________kit. who is he?
  3. _____kit pounced on you. what do you do?
  4. After playing with the kit... you play around and catch a ______
  5. 3 more moons later: Swiftstar mewed "All cats old enough to catch there own prey, gather to High stone for a clan meeting!" After the meeting: the clan chanted "Morningpaw! Shadepaw! Runningpaw! Bramblepaw! Brightpaw!" How do you react?
  6. You mentor, Flarefire tells you "Morningpaw, What shall we do? Hunting, Battle training, Rogue patrol, or Guarding kits?"
  7. After training, Brightpaw mews "I like Bramblepaw!! He's nice!" how does Morningpaw reacts?
  8. You walk away from Brightpaw, and decided to go to the lake because your thirsty. ______paw sees you there. who is the apprentice?
  9. Morningpaw goes hunting with Brightpaw and ________paw. who is that Apprentice?
  10. You walk to the river after the hunt because you are tired. and you sat. what do you do?
  11. Brightpaw sees you in the river. she mews, "Hey Morningpaw! I'ved recvived my warrior name! Brightivy! do you want to chat?" Morningpaw says, "Yeah, sure!" what do you talk about?
  12. You find some kind of shiny thing in the river. It's harmless. what do you do with it?
  13. Swiftstar calls a meeting. what do you do?
  14. You have recivived your warrior name. It is... Morningbubble. what do you think of it?

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