Would you survive in the North? (Advanced)

You've taken your fair run in the kiddie pool. Time for a run in the big kid pool. Will you make it out alive? Or will you die, with no body to send back home?

This is a challenging, confusing quiz, disorenting like in real life. Good luck! And lose the water wings.

Created by: Margie
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  1. You plan a lovley hike in some uncharted wilderness, who do you notify?
  2. Ooh! Look! You just have to get closer to that vista...How close can you get to that deer? What a strange flower! You keep heading a little bit off track, until you can't find the trail. What is your immediate course of action?
  3. You deduce that you are stuck. What is your first priority in this falltime enviroment?
  4. You've got several choices for shelter- where?
  5. You need a fire. How?
  6. You see a fish in the stream. How to catch him?
  7. You have found dinner one way or another. You are tired now. Just as you are drrifting off, you see a furry object near you. What do you deduce?
  8. Days turn into weeks. Weeks into months. What do you do?
  9. Mountain lion! What do you do?!
  10. It's dead into winter. You're very cold. How to get warm?

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