Test your knowledge of interactive toys!

This quiz is about animated talking toys. This is a moderately hard quiz, testing you on interactive toys that date way back before you even thought toys could "come to life", as well as the modern ones and everything in between. Even thought it may be difficult, this quiz is version one, and is basic comparic to my future revisions I have planned.

Do you collect animated talking toys? Do you repair them? Are you just a fan, or prehaps just a nostalgic person? Grab four AA batteries and a screwdriver! Be prepared to be tested on the world of animated talking toys.

Created by: VisualFetish
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  1. In what year was Original Furby released?
  2. Worlds of Wonder went bankrupt in what year?
  3. What was Playmates Toys' answer to Teddy Ruxpin?
  4. In what year were Fijit Friends released, and by what company?
  5. The Robo-Chi pets were created before or after Furby?
  6. What was the first doll in the Playmates Toy "Amazing" dolls series?
  7. How many times was Furby rereleased?
  8. The interactive doll named Dou Dou is from what country?
  9. Was Amazing Ally the last Playmates Amazing doll?
  10. Which was more succsessful:
  11. Which toy is being rereleased this autumn?
  12. Which company was Susie Scribbles made by?
  13. Did Furby and Grubby have the same voice provider?
  14. What company released Gabby Bear?
  15. When was 2XL released originally?
  16. When was Worlds of Wonder's Amber released?
  17. Now, I will ask some personal questions. Do you or have you repaired animated talking toys?
  18. Do you or have you collected animated talking toys?

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Quiz topic: Test my knowledge of interactive toys!