wich ugly doll is most like you

I was motivated to make this quiz because of my passion for ugly dolls. This quiz's answers are some uncommon ugly dolls. each of my answers are complete with a description about the ugly doll who is most like you.

there are seven ugly dolls you could get: Puglee,Croudy,Niimah,Poe,Picksey,Trunko,and groody.each ugly doll is special in its own way.this quiz is a way to get in touch with your true UGLY!

Created by: andrew Chand
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you got invited to a midnight party would you ...
  2. what is your favorite snack ?
  3. if you saw a spider would you ..
  4. if you could open a store would it be ..
  5. is your biggest dream ...
  6. what animal do you wish you could be
  7. what is your favorite color
  8. would you call yourself a...
  9. what kind of student are you
  10. what does ugly really mean

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