The 1960's quiz!

In the world there are smart people then there are smarter people and then there are people who are really smart and then there are people who are even smarter than the really smart people!

Are you smart? Do you think you are smart. If You are smart then how smart are you. Are you really smart, are you just a little smart or are you an einstien genious. Take the quiz and you'll find out just how smart you are.

Created by: butts of decades 2008
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  1. When was the first super bowl?
  2. who created Nike shoes?
  3. what year was martain luther king shot?
  4. Who is the king of rock 'n' roll?
  5. What motor compant invented the mustang?
  6. In 1962 who threatened to blow us up with missiles
  7. Who was the best golpher of the sixties?
  8. What was another name for skateboarding?
  9. What time was Kennedy Assassinated?
  10. What is the best decade ever?

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