How much of an auto-mechanic are you?

There are so many auto mechanics out there. If you know the answers to all the questions may all the attention be on you.This test is designed to see how much knowledge you have about cars

Do you have the knowledge to fix cars? Do you claim yourself to be a expert? Do you know what to do if your car breaks down? Well when you take this test you can see how much of a auto mechanic you are?

Created by: adamshowers

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  1. Your engine on your truck overheated what do you do?
  2. How can you test fuel pressure?
  3. What is the difference between a fly wheel and a flexwheel
  4. Where does the positive and the negative cables from the battery?
  5. What is the 4-stroke cycle for a(n) internal combustion engine in a vehicle
  6. What does ICM stand for?
  7. What is a balljoint?
  8. What does PCV stand for?
  9. What does a Camshaft do?
  10. What does the shocks and struts do?

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Quiz topic: How much of an auto-mechanic am I?