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"Shrek the Third" (also known as "Shrek 3") is an animated comedy flick that debuted on May 18, 2007. The film stars Mike Myers as Shrek; Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona; Eddie Murphy as Donkey; and Antonio Banderas as Puss-in-Boots. Although this movie received negative reviews by critics, it was a hit at the box office. The film is mainly about Shrek's quest to bring Fiona's cousin, Arthur Pendragon (aka Artie) to Far Far Away as the new king.

Personally, I didn't like "Shrek the Third" that much. In fact, many fans thought the movie was horrendous. However, like any other movie, it has its moments. If you've watched the film, then this quiz shouldn't be difficult. If not, oh well.

Created by: smartgirl115

  1. What year did "Shrek the Third" come out?
  2. Who is Merlin?
  3. How many children did Shrek and Fiona have towards the end of the movie?
  4. Identify which character said this quote: "Team Alpha-Super-Awesome-Cool-Dynamite-wolf-Squadron"
  5. What about this one: "Since you're in the midst of a self-destructive rage spiral, it would be comically impossible."
  6. Or this: "The time has come to rectify some wrongs!"
  7. How did Donkey and Puss-in-Boots swap bodies?
  8. In Shrek's nightmare, how many ogre babies were there?
  9. How was Artie preventing Prince Charming's minions from killing Shrek?
  10. What is "Shrek the Third" sometimes referred to as?

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