Shrek Forever After

Based on the 2010 film about a green ogre on a quest to change reality when he lands in a twisted, alternate version of Far Far Away. Starring: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and Antonio Banderas.

Do you have what it takes to pass my quiz based on the final film of the "Shrek" series? For me, I've seen the last movie, and I don't know about you. Let's see if you could pass my quiz with flying colors!

Created by: smartgirl115
  1. According to the opening scene of the movie, who narrated Princess Fiona's prologue and Shrek's past adventures?
  2. What did Rumpelstiltskin want in exchange for Fiona's curse?
  3. In the alternate universe that Shrek lands in, who does he run into FIRST?
  4. If Shrek never rescued Fiona from the Dragon's keep, then who did?
  5. Who is the name of the boy that pestered Shrek to roar?
  6. Which one of these characters are ogres besides Shrek?
  7. What is the Pied Piper's obligation?
  8. What did Shrek do in exchange for the ogre resistance's freedom?
  9. What loophole did Shrek (along with Donkey) find in the "Ogre For A Day" contract?
  10. What are Rumpel's three wigs that he mentions in the movie?
  11. What did Shrek do to win over Fiona?
  12. True or False: Puss-in-Boots is a fat and retired cat in the alternate world.
  13. True or False: "Shrek Forever After" is NOT the final movie of the "Shrek" franchise.
  14. How did Shrek feel after reality was restored to its original self?

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