Shrek the Musical

Based on the 2008 Broadway musical, and the 2001 DreamWorks classic, "Shrek". The tale is about a solitary ogre finding his place in the world, along with romancing with a beautiful princess and befriending a talking donkey. Starring Brian D'Arcy James as Shrek; Daniel Breaker as Donkey; Sutton Foster as Princess Fiona; and Christopher Seiber as Lord Farquaad.

To prove that you are a "Shrek" expert, I dare you to take this quiz. Even if you never saw the musical like me, just try your best on this quiz. For those that saw the musical would find this quiz super easy; others who never saw it might find it hard. But, if they listened to the music on,then this quiz won't be as difficult as it seems.

Created by: smartgirl115

  1. Which of these below does John Tartaglia portray?
  2. Name the song: "When words fail, will I fail, too"
  3. Who sang "Who I'd Be"?
  4. Haven Burton portrayed which character (s)?
  5. How many songs in the musical have reprises?
  6. How many songs are in the musical?
  7. Which songs did Donkey sing (as in solo, no duet)?
  8. Describe Shrek and Donkey's first meeting?
  9. Brian D'Arcy James plays as which character?
  10. How many songs does Lord Farquaad sing as a solo act?

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