How well do you know Shrek?

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How much do you know about Shrek? Let's see if we can find out how much we know about the franchise about an ogre, a donkey, and a princess.

Do you know as much about Shrek as you THINK you do? You could be wrong. You never know. Take this quiz to find out how big of a Shrek fan you really are.

Created by: Trisha Gaurav

  1. What plays in the end credits of Shrek?
  2. What plays in the end credits of Shrek 2?
  3. What plays in the end credits of Shrek the Third?
  4. What plays in the end credits of Shrek Forever After?
  5. What is Donkey seen trying to eat?
  6. T/F: Donkey likes apples as a food.
  7. Is Prince Charming dead or alive?
  8. Is Fifi male of female?
  9. Does Shrek like Donkey?
  10. Why did the dragon try to eat Donkey?
  11. T/F: Shrek thinks Donkey talks a lot.
  12. What is the weakness of the witches?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Shrek?