Disney Stars Quiz

Disney is a world-famous company, and has many fans. But many people claim to know it's stars, but sadly dont. So if you want to find out if you know your Disney facts, then take this test! All of the answers are found on this website. Take a crack at it!!!

This quiz is perfect to tell you if your an observant person or you need to pay attention to more details! It's a fun quiz and you can retake it aas many times as you want if your not satisfyed with your score!

Created by: coolieo1 of Disney Stars
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  1. Who Is The Person Of The Week?
  2. Taylor Swifts Picture appears next to what Subtitle?
  3. What song plays when you visit the recent articles page?
  4. What does the top of the page say when you go to disneystarupdates.weebly.com
  5. Next to the subtitle: Who are the Disney Breakout Stars of 2008? what picture appears?
  6. Which game is not featured on my website?
  7. How often does the daily poll change?
  8. Why were the Jonas Brothers reportedly "breaking up"? (not true)
  9. What day does the Suite Life On Deck's first marathon premeire?
  10. Who was #3 on the top 25 teen idols of all time?
  11. Under Recent Articles What is the first (and only) article titled?

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