How Much Do You Know About Disney World

How much do YOU know about Disney World? About Walt and his magical lands? After you tak this quiz you will find out how much you know and how hard you need to hit the books after taking this quiz!

Are you a Disney genius? Take the quiz and get your score to find out how hard you need to study before coming back to take the wonderful quiz again! If you are a true Disney genius, you will find out momentarily!

Created by: Joshua
  1. How many "lands" are in the Magic Kingdom?
  2. What replaced Legend of the Lion King in 2003?
  3. What is Walt's middle name?
  4. What is Disney World's PROPER name?
  5. When did Disney World open?
  6. What was Walt's FIRST animated character?
  7. How many parks in TOTAL are in Disney World?
  8. Who was Walt's lifelong friend/filmmaking partner?
  9. What land is open before the rest of the park?
  10. What are the three mountains?

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