Rock Star Death Quiz

Think you know your rock stars? Are you a devoted fan in life and after DEATH? Well, this test will show if you're a true rocker or just a poser. Remember, no cheating!

Don't be a PUNK! This test totally ROCKS! If you're feeling FUNKY, you can RAP with me a while about these dead rock stars. Get the METAL out of your behind, and POP too it!

Created by: randy1966 of Lily's Ramblings
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  1. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder recorded the tribute "4/20/02," a reference to the date he heard of this grunge rocker's death:
  2. This rock star died by his own "hand" in 1997:
  3. Having died in 1970, this tortured 28 year old artist's song was licensed to a German car company for a 1995 commercial:
  4. In 1982, this guitarist's life ended in a plane crash:
  5. This virtuoso died of AIDS complications in 1991:
  6. Two million copies of this female pop star's album sold during the year of her death-1995:
  7. This rapper was shot dead in 1996:
  8. He died somewhere in the "middle of life" from pneumonia in 1997:
  9. Discovered motionless at the bottom of his swimming pool, this performer was known for his multi-instrumental skills:
  10. Which "Ramone" is NOT dead?

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