Are you at the risk of having acne problems?

8 in 10 teens in the world end up with acne. Acne is a side affect from hormones and most people in their lives end up with serious acne problems.

Do you wonder if you'll ever have acne or not? Are you afraid of getting acne scars? Well thanks to this wonderful quiz I did hard research on, it will give you a general answer on whether you might end up with acne or not.

Created by: lilfreakgryl
  1. Would you ever pop your zits or pimples?
  2. Do you touch your face? (washing your face doesn't count)
  3. Do you scratch your face?
  4. Do you use oil-free make-up?
  5. Do you sleep with make-up on?
  6. Do you ever find yourself sleeping with your arm/hair touching your face?
  7. Do you put on sunscreen when your out in the sun?
  8. Do you drink plenty of water?
  9. Do you stress a lot?
  10. How many times in a average day do you wash your face?
  11. Also do you scrub your face hard while your washing it?
  12. Last question, when you drying your face with a towel do you rub it on your face? (IMPORTANT: when you're done with this quiz scroll down and look for where it says 'LOOK HERE!!' it's important)

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Quiz topic: Am I at the risk of having acne problems?