Risk Management Preflight

Pilot error is the most common cause of fatal accidents. Normally it is not because of one simple mistake but because of an accumulation of risk elements.

Use this checklist to assist you in evaluating the risk in YOUR flight. The truth is vigilant, conscientious pilots make mistakes, even in tasks at which they are high skilled.

Created by: Mary Ann of Learn how to fly
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  1. Flight Condition.
  2. Flight Type
  3. Pilot Rating
  4. Sleep in the last 24hr.
  5. Flight Visibility.
  6. Reported ceiling.
  7. Crosswind at departure.
  8. Crosswind at destination.
  9. Weather stability.
  10. Destination airport familiarity.
  11. Hours in make and model.
  12. Hours flown in last 90 days.
  13. Last formal dual recurrent training.
  14. Total flight hours.

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