Know Your Skin!

Determining your skin type is absolutely necessary to ensure proper care and treatment of your skin. Knowing your skin type will help you pick the right product s for your skin and helps you to provide your skin with the best care.

There are 5 basic skin types. They are, Dry Skin Normal Skin Oily Skin Combination Skin Sensitive Skin Sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, your face reacts easily to regular skin products. This means that when you use regular skin products, your face will get red, itchy, or a rash could form. Acne-Prone skin. Even if you're not a teenager, you may still get pimples/acne, especially if you have an oily skin type. If you have acne-prone skin, look around for a good acne products.

Created by: Heavenly
  1. What answers apply to your skin type?
  2. To better suite your skin type please select the one that apply to you the most.
  3. Let's find your skin type.
  4. What does your skin look like after you wash it?
  5. Is acne an issue?
  6. What is your eye color?
  7. What best describes your genetic heritage?
  8. Texture of your skin.
  9. Appearance of pores on your skin.
  10. How often do you have pimples?

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Quiz topic: Know my Skin!