Betrayed by Love part 4

This is part four of my series Betrayed by Love. Hope you've loved the first three. If you have not read those, please go back a read then return and enjoy Part 4. Thanks

Welcome back. I left off on the part when you woke up after being "killed" in your room. The guys are there and you're safe. You were getting into the shower...

Created by: Veronica
  1. I could have sworn Paul's eyes trailed from looking out the window to me. I didn't feel comfortable, and I knew he could tell so he walked out of room and I hopped into the shower.
  2. It felt so good to finally take an actual shower. I felt so disgusted, but so relax as the hot water soaked my hair and body. Grabbing the shampoo, I started washing my hair and taking out all the knots.
  3. After soaping, I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair and turned off the water. Stepping out of the shower, I grabbed a towel a dried myself. My hair was wet and hung down my back as I tied the towel around me when there was a knock on my door.
  4. Opening the door, I saw no one, yet I could tell someone was there. I could sense their present. That's when I start thinking. There is only one person that can go invisible. John. I smiled.
  5. "I know you're there, John." He turned visible. "How'd you know?" I turned around and started for my underwear. John cover his eyes. I start giggling at walked into the bathroom.
  6. "You can open your eyes now." I was still in my underwear, but he opened his eyes and stared. "Um.. Should I go?" I grabbed a pair of jeans and slipped them on. "No." I looked in my closet and picked out a blue shirt and slipped it on. It didn't cover my tattoo so that's what his eyes looked at. "Who's Michelle?" I asked as I start brushing my hair and putting on makeup. "What? How do you about Michelle?" "I don't, that's why I'm asking you about her." Putting on foundation, I said, "Paul was thinking about her whole looking out the window." "It's not my place to tell you." Pushing my hair out of my face, i started putting on eye liner and mascara.
  7. "Fine." Finishing up, I grabbed my blow drier and started blow drying my hair. After about 15minutes, I was done. Putting everything away, John walked out and I grabbed my name tag from my dresser and grabbed my ID card, keys, backpack and walked down the staris. The guys were in the living room watching ESPEN. "And where do you think you're going?" Mike asked. "School, if I leave right now, I'll be able to catch 2nd period." I walked into the kicthen and grabbed a cup of coffee. "I don't think so." He answered. I turned around and eyed him. "Listen, I still have a life. And I didn't agree to this. I've already missed a week of school and work. And if you don't mind, I'm gonna go now. Whatever you do, don't burn the house down." And with that, i left the house.
  8. Unlock my car and starting it, I realized it was a Staurday and I had no school today. I felt so stupid. Getting out of the car, and walking back inside the house, the guys start busting out laughing. "Shut up!" I screamed and just like that, they were silence. But there mouths were still moving, like they were still talking.
  9. Mike stopped and start moving his mouth, like he was shouting but nothing came out. Everyone stopped at looked at me. Mike grabbed a sheet of paper and been and scribbled on it and handed it to me. "When you said 'Shut up' you took away our voice. Another power, I bet you can take away all our senses." I looked at them and reread the paper again and started laughing. Mike grabbed the paper and wrote something again. "Can you just say 'Talk' please?" Rolling my eyes and said "Talk" and they had there voices back.
  10. Dropping my stuff, I took off my shoes and grabbed the remote from Caleb and turned on my Blu-Ray and went to Netflix. "Hey!" They all protested. "Suck it up." Is all I said and picked up on my Prison Break. Prison Break is a really good tv show and the guys were soon hook to it.
  11. I was sitting next to Mike and he out his arms around me as we all watched an episode. I didn't mind and I liked the fact that I felt safe in his arms. As the show progressed, I realized it was 2pm.
  12. Getting up from the couch, I went into the kitchen and Mike followed. I grabbed the matches and chaco and headed to the back yard and pulled out the grill. "You grill?" Mike asked. I looked over at him. "Yes, I also love sports. Problem?" He seemed surprised. "Nope." He helped set up as I went back inside and grabbed so meat. Waiting until the grill was hot enough, Mike sat down in one of the chairs I had outside.
  13. I didn't feel like standing, so I took a seat on the small swing set that was in the corner of the lawn. Mike looked at me, lost in thought. When I got up to make some Ice Tea, Mike walked over to me. "I know all about Zachary."

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