Who is falling for you ( part two!!)

Ok so this is part TWO! ok my thingy, ummm story.. so it may make even less sence but one of the boys who kidnapped you is gonna fall in love with youu!

So i really hope you like it. sorry it was so short but i have church and stuff.... so yeah purple... TOTALLY RAD RIGHT?! I really tried to make it longer but sorry!

Created by: I eat sqiurlls

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  1. Ok so just make sure you took part one so you can understand whats going on right now!
  2. Ok. So you line up infront of the wall and all the passengers on the bus are looking pretty scared. Well all for the Emo kid and Popular girl. You can't help but stare at Chelsie's ( the popular girl's) wings. Whats going on? you think. You turn to your best friend and she looks at confused as you feel.
  3. "Ok angels!" Says Travas angrly. You guys are coming here for ransom. And I don't want any of you to get any ideas about flapping your little feathered wings to freedom. Remember this is Vampire teritory now." He says. Then Mr Blond goes over and knocks on the wall. Soon the Heart wall opens into two parts letting in a bright light, but the light soon fades and you all look into it but all you can see is darkness. "I swear," The Emo kid says but befour he can say anything else Mr Blond grabs his arms and forses them behind his back and covers his mouth. Emo kid looks pretty annoyed.
  4. They Boys push you all into the open wall and they sruggle to close it behind them. You and the others look around and see a forest much like the ones they have in forks ( ever seen twilight? I'v bin to forks so ik what it ReAlLy looks like) While the boys stugle to close the door The Emo kid and Chelsie start running towards a river. They seem to know whats going on so you start following them and then everybody else follows them. The emo kid jumps inside the river and fails to come back up. " Ok! this is gonna be cold but if you want to live then follow me!" Says Chelsie.
  5. Everyone starts jumping in the river and your scared to do it at first. You and some girls from your class were the last ones not to jump in. Then suddenly The boys had closed the wall! they were coming for you! You scream at the top of your lungs. Your best friend grabs your hand and you together jump in the river just in time to avoid the claws of the Redhead.
  6. You feel the cold water sink into your skin. the water was very cold and it was also pretty dirt. but as you sink you feel the water get clear, a little warmer, and it feels so fresh and pure. You swim deeper, but as you swim deeper you seem to be swimming to... the surface? You break into a gasp as you reach air and it takes you a moment but then you finally see it. You and the other passengers from the bus are in a tropical area and your in a pool of water at the bottom of a water fall.
  7. You all swim to a sandy shore near the bottom of the water fall. Your all gasping for air. "Ok I'll explain everything to you..." Says the Emo Kid. "For those of you who don't know.. Im Jonny an angel. And this may be hard to believe but your all angels." He says.
  8. "Nobody believes you!" Says a girl named Cayle from your class. "Well we can show you good and hard proof if you want.." Says Chelsie. "But we need to get to our hide out and thats gonna be ahwile because its behind this water fall and it might take us awhile to find it."
  9. OK sorry i gtg soon.. soo?
  10. Lord help me...
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