A Vampire Love Story ♥Part 2

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Hey!! A Vampire Love Story is about just what it sounds like! Connor, Nathan, Ethan, and Brandon love you in a way nobody has ever loved you before. I hope you fall in love with one of these boys! Hope you Enjoy!

Please remember to Comment&&Rate when fineshed.!! I would like to know what you thought of this quiz and if need to make some few aggustments, you know stuff like that. And most importantly, comment if you really did like it! ThanksMuch!:)

Created by: RemysFault
  1. "...you do something like this, Connor? And to HER?" You heard yelling, snapping you awake. "Im.. Im sorry. I just lost myself. She's so.. so.. beautiful." Connor said back, quietly. You felt kinda different, but nothing much. Your mouth hurt and your neck throbbed. You tried to sit up, but something pulled you back down. "Ow. Connor?!" You yell through your coughing. "Nathan?!" You heard footsteps up the stairs and towards the room. "Katherine? You awake?" You heard Nathan say. "No. No Im not." You snap. "Sorry, are you feeling okay?" "Im.. Im feeling terrible. What did he do to me?? I need to see Connor!! Where is he?!?!?" You yell. "Im sorry, hun, but its best if he stays away from you." "Oh, no. Dont you dare, a--hole. Go get him NOW." "Im sorry Kat but-" "GET HIM IN HERE NOW, NATHAN!" You yelled. Your tried of playing, you needed to see Connor! Didn't he get that?? He hesitated, but he got him. "Listen, Katherine, Im SO sorry, I really didn't mean to!" Connor said, once we were alone. "Connor, I understand you didnt mean to, but why would you?" You asked him. "I.. I dont know. I just got lost in you." We both blushed. You stared at each other for a while. You leaned in and kissed him, you really didn't care if he changed you, you still seem to be extremley attracted to him. When you pulled back, his face was shocked. "Im sorry Kat. I really am." You nod. "I know. But I honestly dont care if Im a Vampire of not. I still might be in love with you no matter what." And that was the truth, you liked the other boys, but Connor had that ring to him. An edge. Trust, love, passion and weary all in the same guy, you barely got that. You kiss him again, this time tackling him over. So you two make out. You can feel the smile on his face. It was enduring.
  2. After Connor left, Nathan came back in. "What happened?" He asked. You shrug. "Nothing." He half nods. "Okay.. Well, did you say anything to him?" You just looked at him. "No. I didn't say anything to him." You shake your head. Idiot.
  3. Later that same nigh, you were in so much pain. Connor had came in and gave you some VampMedicine. "They actually.. make that??" You asked, while he gave you some. "Yea, they make everything. Werewolf chains, a witches broom, Giant foot cream. All those." You were shocked. "Um. Giant foot cream??" "Well yea. Giants have feet problems. They dont make shoes fer giants, only chothes. The shoes would take to much money out of the account." "Theres an account.. fer magical creatures??" "Hell yea. Even fairy dust, and last time I checked, Cupid was under the truck and needing the money fer more Arrows." "Ohzmgeh. They.. Omigod. I thought Vampire's were only real. But fairys? Thats a little over the top.. and cupid, giants, werewolves I get. What about leprch-" He quickly put a hand over my mouth. "Shhh! Those suckers create hell, not gold. Last time we had a.. gold maker.. he didn't just give us gold, he put us in jail. Haveing TO much gold." "Yikes." He nodded. "Exactly." All of a sudden, you feel a huge pinch on your back causing you to scream. "Katherine! Whats wrong??" You heard Ethan down the hall. Nathan went somewhere, dont know where, so he wont scramble in here. "Kat! Kathy?!? Katherine!! Are you OK???" You heard, as two boys that looked familar pounded into the room. One boy was sitting next to you. You're eyes dropped and you blacked out.
  4. "...a side effect. When I became a Vamp, I was out for three weeks." You gasp, hearing Ethan's voice telling someone this. "Well, she might as well become a Vamp now. She's still in transition, but she'll clear up come time for the Full Moon." You hear a man's low, buff voice. You've never met him. Maybe its just one of those Dr.Vamp's. "When do you think she'll wake up??" Connor asked. "Oh, I say in a few years." You hear gasps. "Just KIDDING! Maybe in a few hours or so?" Sighs of relief. "Okay. Maybe we should check on her. She might be up now." You hear Ethan say, jogging up the stairs. You quickly fake sleep. "Kat? You awake?" Connor asked. "Hmmph?" You manage only that. "Good. Are you feeling okay." You shake your head. "No-t really." "Hun, your shivering." Nathan says. He puts something around you, it was warm. You really didn't need it but, what the hell, it was warm. ;)
  5. When you finally fell asleep, you had a strange nightmare. Something was following you && you were running away, not looking back. Well, you DID look back once, but to see if that Thing is still following you. It was, not giving up. You suddenly woke up, feeling your heartbeat in your ears. Freaking out over something in a Nightmare. Nathan was sitting on a chair, asleep. You were sweating, and you got up and curled into Nathan. "W-whaa??" Nathan murmured. "Shh. Nathan, Shhh." You say, obviously Shushing him. "Are," Yawn. "are you okay?" He asked. "Yep. Im all right."
  6. You awoke again to the sound of yelling. Aren't they always FIGHTING?? Geesh. "..up! You cant ALWAYS have her to your freaking self!" Ethan yelled. "I dont care!" Nathan yelled back. Oh, Ethan. I should do something with him today, you thought. He's really sweet and really cute, so maybe he could take you.. ahahah.. shopping?? You ran downstairs. "Ethan?" You say. "Huh?" "Can you take me shopping?" "Oh. Um. Yea! Sure. When?" "Oh, yay. How bout... noon?" "Sure, sounds great." "Sweet. Thanks Ethan! Your the best!" You ran back upstairs to take a shower and get dressed. After your shower, what do you wear?
  7. You come down the stairs, and see Ethan && Connor sitting at the kitchen table. Ethan see's you and his mouth dropped. "Wow.. uh. Wow. You look. You look amazing. Beautiful." He says, you laugh at him. "Oh, stop. Drool where ever Im not." You wink at him. Connor's mouth is open, not like Ethan's. "Hun, close your mouth, you'll catch flys." You said while you closed his mouth for him. "Oh, um. Sorry. You look REALLY good." He says. "So, hey Kat?" Ethan asks/says. "Hmm?" "Well, I was thinking. Yea, I want you to myself today, but can Connor come?" You look up at Connor, then Ethan. Connor looked shocked, Ethan look conflicted. "Um, yea. Sure thing." You say. WOW, two boys hangin on to you today? Amazing. "Okay. Lets go." Ethan says, looking at Connor, who is still ovbisouly shocked. "Oh.. ohkay." He says.
  8. You three arive at the Mall, its crowded. You'll probably see people from school there, but eh. When you walk in, it seems quiet. Everyone is staring at you. In like a longing or wistful way. "Katherine? Is that.. you??" You hear a boy voice say next to you. ((Imagine your walking to the beat of Rolling in the Deep.. pretty dramatic, right??)) "In the flesh." You say, stopping to talk to the boy. His name was, er.. is Kyle Manson. "Wow, I haven't seen you 'round school. Whats up with that?" "Oh, well. Family shtuff." You say to him. "Right, but isn't your family like, crazy." "Shut. Up." You say. "Sorry. Just I hear rumors. They might be true, might not. But whats up with you and the new kids?" "Nothing really. I just.. we just were shopping today." "OKay, well, see you round?" "Um, yea sure." He flashes a smile at you. "Great." He touches your arm, and walks off. You go back to the boys. "Who was that?" They both asked in unison. "Oh, some boy." "Oh. Well.."
  9. You entered a store, and came face-to-face with your worst enemy. "Oh, hello Katherine. Haven't seen you in.. three years." She said in her squeaky voice. "How bout that Mocha you promised me..." You said back.
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