Ghost Stories Part 2

Introducing Ghost Stories Part 2! Brother and sister, Samuel and Avira have something so strange happen to their dear friend Corbin which has her sent to the hospital. Although she is saved, it was still a tragic.

Avira and Samuel meet Corbin's brother Mason for the first time. Corbin is faced with a life or death question. Can she handle it? Will she choose the right answer? Stay tuned to see what happens!

Created by: HannaBanana

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  1. The previous conversation in Ghost Stories Part 1: Corbin "Oh no! It's 8:21 and my mom want's me home by 8:30." Avira "Don't worry, You have enough time." Samuel "No she doesn't!" Avira "Yes she does!" Samuel "I'f I't takes 15 minutes from the park to out house, then I't will take twice as long to get to her house." Avira "Oh yea, she does live further then us doesn't she.." Corbin "I'f I'm late my mom will kill me!" Samuel "Okay, Don't panic.." Corbin "I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die." *Just after Corbin says "I'm gonna die." something tragic happens. So strange and so unexpected. Will Corbin really die? Will Avira and Samuel have enough time to save Corbin?
  2. Introducing the new character: It's Corbin's amazing older brother, Mason. Now for the beginning of Ghost Stories Part 2.
  3. Setting: Walking home. *A huge blob of darkness rolls through the streets.* Corbin "AHHHHH..!" Samuel "Corbin?" *They wait a few moments* Avira "Corbin, are you there?" Samuel "What happened to her,Avira?" Avira "I don't know..let's look for her, she has to be around her somewhere.." Samuel "Whatever, just watch where you step, It's dark so you don''t know what Is gonna happen." Avira "Okay. WHOAA!" *Avira trips and falls.* Samuel "Avira?" Avira "I'm okay, I just tripped over this big rock." Samuel "Uhh... That's not a rock.." *Avira stands up and looks at where she has fallen.* Avira "Whoaa..It's Corbin.." Samuel "..And she's all black.." Avira "What do you think happened to her?" Samuel "I don't know but we should get her home, and fast."
  4. Setting: Avira and Samuel's house. Samuel "Well, she's still breathing, luckily." Avira "Great, we got her here. Now what do we do?" Samuel "I'm not sure.." Avira "We should call her mom and tell her what happened ." Samuel "No. We can't..Mphh..we have to take her to the hospital." Avira "Fine. What ever floats you're boat, jerk." *Samuel and Avira brings Corbin to the hospital.*
  5. Setting: The Hospital. Avira "Well Doc, do you think you know what could have happened..?" Doc. Murphy "Well, from what you told me, I'm positive that she got struck by lightening." Samuel "Wow, I can't believe we didn't figure that one out.." Avira "Well, Is she gonna be okay?" Doc. Murphy "Yes, I'm sure she's okay. She'll probably wake up soon." Mason "Well, at least she's okay. I was getting really worried about her." Avira "When did you come In..and who are you?" Mason "I been In the room, just the back. I'm Mason, Corbin's brother." Samuel "Dude, you look cool!" Mason "Uhhh.. Thanks.." Avira "Im Avira by the way, Im Corbin's friend. And this is Samuel, My brother." Mason "Well It's nice meeting you two. I must go now. Later." Avira "Bye..!" Samuel "Later dude." Avira "He's so cute." Samuel "You're so weird." *Avira rolls her eyes.*
  6. Setting: The hospital. Corbin "Where am I??" Avira "Corbin! Yay!" Samuel "Corbin you're in the hospital." Corbin "What happened to me??" Samuel "You got struck by lightning." Corbin "Wow. That's harsh." *The three laugh.* Mason "Corbin you're okay!" Corbin "Buba! I'm so glad you're here!" Avira "Why didn't you tell us you had a brother?" Corbin "I didn't think It was that important.." Samuel "WELL IT IS!" Avira "Samuel you shushh you're mouth." Mason "Haha.." *Corbin smiles* Samuel "Now what do we do?" Mason "I don't know about you two but I'm taking Corbin home." Avira "Nooo!" Corbin "It's not like I wan't to go home but I have to Avira, sorry." Samuel "You can stay over at our house. You'll be better over there." Mason "Fine. I'll drive you four over to you're house." *Avira & Corbin "SLEEPOVER!" they yelled in excitement*
  7. Setting: In front of Avira and Samuel's house. Samuel "You can stay over I'f you want to too Mason." Corbin "Yeaa It'll be so much fun!" Mason "Naaa.. I'll pass. Now you three go in the house and don't get in anymore trouble." Avira "Okay.." *The three walk into the house.*
  8. Setting: Avira and Samuel's house. Samuel "Corbin, It's time to learn some ghost stuff." Avira "Yeaa. This will be good." Corbin "Blah blah ghost what??" Samuel "Ghost stuff." Avira "Like how to go through walls, become invisible at times and be able to see the future!" Corbin "That sounds so cool!" Samuel "Okay then let's do it!"
  9. Setting: Samuel's Ghost Room. Corbin "So this is not a bedroom?" Avira "Nope, It's a special ghost room that a very advanced ghost gets." Corbin "Why doesn't Avira have one?" Samuel "Because she's not advanced, she's a newbie." Avira "I AM NOT A NEWBIE!" Corbin "Haha.." Samuel "Let's began, stand around this ghost table and.." Corbin "What does It do?" Samuel "It gives wishes to anyone who knows the code. Now as I said, stand around the ghost table and holds hands." Avira "Yuck! I have to hold hands with you?" Samuel "Just do it!" Corbin "Haha.. wow.." Samuel "Now close you're eyes. Think deeply about wanting to be invisible" Avira "I'm thinking." Samuel "You have to have you're whole mind focused on being invisible!" *The tree focus and then became invisible.* Corbin "Whoaa..I'm invisible!" Avira "THIS IS SO AWESOME!" *The three try again, this time, to go through things, then to see the future.* Samuel "I can't believe this is actually working!" Corbin "Woaa.. You have a mustache In the future!" Avira "Lol, wow"
  10. *Corbin puts her arms through the wall.* Corbin "AWESOME!" Aliva "I know right..!" Samuel "Okay, time for the training." Corbin "Training?" Avira "Yeaa, It's to become a ghost. It's how we become ghosts." Corbin "But, I don't wan't to be a ghost." Samuel "It's to late Corbin. We already told you that we are ghosts. And If a ghost tell some one what we are the person has to become a ghost too." Avira "Or face something way horrible, death." Corbin "That's not fair! Nobody ever gave me a choice! Samuel "Well no you have a choice. Ghost or a long painful death."
  11. This is the end of Ghost Stories Part 2! But stay tuned to Ghost Stories Part 3 to find out what Corbin decides to do, death or to be a ghost.

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