The Forbidden part 14

Hey guys I owe you a GIGANTIC apology especially sweeneytoddlova who has been waiting for EVER!!! I hope you guys don't start an angr mob and come after me!!!! Hope you guys love this one and there will be more coming!

Created by: muzix4evrz123
  1. He stops for a if thinking about how to reply. "What I am...What we are..Master's of Disguise." as he says that, you remember Mist. How she looked like you. "Lies." Mist again. "Mind Control." you remember how you did exactly as he said. "Masters of..." he breathes the next word uncomfortably. "Seduction..." You remember that feeling. He steps closer to you. "'re protector friends...we're..well, we're the Forbidden." he whispers. "And I'm not good for you." he says before leaping out of your window and into the black night.
  2. "It's because he's better then me, a voice blurts out as you open your eyes the next morning. Startled you jump up, hitting you're forehead on someone else's. "Ow!" you both yell. You see it's Erik. He sits down next to you, rubbing his head. "Sorry..he says sheepishly. "Who's better than you?" you ask him. "Brad..that's why we fight. _________, I'm so sorry I made you get lost and for being so mean to you. I was just upset cause I thought he'd steal you and then you would forget all about me. And I hope you can forgive me cause I never wanted to be like this-"
  3. You roll your eyes and pull him down, pressing your lips against his. He pulls you onto him, your lips moving in sync with his. You pull away, just resting your forehead against his. "Erik, Brad's not stealing me, and honestly, you guys are pretty unforgettable." you smile at him, thinking he'll just nod an agree. You're about to go into the bathroom, but he spins you back into him and hugs you tightly. He lingers there for a while, just embracing you. "Promise?" he breathes. "Erik why are-" he cuts you off by repeating himself. "Y-Yeah..I promise." you whisper.
  4. You take a shower and get dressed. You step into the elevator. "Fourth floor." you hear the voice say. I didn't click fourth floor, you think, remembering that this a private elevator. (Yeah they have those..) The elevator doors open and a guy steps in. A guy with a smirk on his face. With black hair, hazel eyes, staring right through you. Your heart stops and he chuckles. "Where' are you going?"
  5. "E..Ethan!?" you choke out. "How's my princess?" he asks, standing closer to you and taking your hand. The elevator seems to have stopped and you and Ethan are alone. You pound helplessly on the doors, screaming, but he covers your mouth. "Oh..well that's convenient." he smirks.
  6. "Relax babe. I'm not here to take you..yet." he says rolling his eyes. You still don't trust him, so you lean against the doors. "E-Ethan, I don't know what you want, but I-I'm not afraid of you!" you spit, but he just laughs. "I'm sure your not." he replies staring right through you. You're about to say something else when there's a loud piercing sound. It bounces around the elevator, loud as hell. It's almost bursting your ear drums. A surge of pain passes through you. You fall to the ground, eyes shut tight. You feel Ethan's presence near you. Then, the lights in the elevator go out.
  7. You're sweating and have a massive headache. You're vision is blurred, and black spots keep appearing and swirling in your sight. You feel someone grab your wrists. It's Ethan. "___________, breathe." he says, although breathing is extremely difficult right now. He seems so calm. "Wh-What's happening!?" you scream at him. He forces you to look at him. "Breathe."he repeats. You realize you're crying and you're breath hitches. "E-E-Ethan...M-My head hurts..I c-can't breathe." you stutter. "I know...shh." he mutters.
  8. "Look, you've been with the Forbidden for too long. You're changing. You're slowly becoming one of them. This is completely normal. You're gaining powers. Soon, you'll have full control over them." he explains as your breathing slows. "See? Better right?" he smiles, a warm smile you didn't recognize on him. You nod slowly.
  9. He looks around. "We need to get you out of here." he mumbles, sweeping you into his arms. He rests his left hand on the metal doors and immediately, the burst open. Outside are all the guys and the pack staring. When they see Ethan, there faces fall one by one, a domino effect. "She needs to go home...our home." Ethan says, choosing his words carefully. Daniel's face twists into a frown. "Never, we're not welcome there." he says through clenched teeth. Brad steps forward and stares at you intently, as if analyzing you. "She's changing. We have to.." he sighs. "Whe...Where are we going?" you ask.. You hear a familiar voice and all the guys spin around. "The Dark Lands."
  10. CLIFFHANGER! Sorry it was so short will do part 15 and part 5 of Broken stay tuned sorry to all my angry fans who are angry cuz it took so long luv ya!

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