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okay thank you all so much for taking my quiz and i apologize if it was to long. -correction- i apologize that it was too long. i'll try to make the next one shorter. i promise.

A soft refusal is not always taken, but a rude one is immediately believed. Alexander Chase that was the quote for this quiz. thank you. try to figure it out. its not that hard

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. you finally pull away from their stare. you flip the hair out of your face and walk away. layla glances back and whispers in your ear that they're still staring at you.
  2. you glare at her and continue walking. she got the hint and whispered, "whatever. u know they interest you."you couldnt help but let a smile creep up on you.
  3. o.k. so, you friends and brother are pretty much a pack. u know, kinda like a pack of wolves only they're tigers. it's called a streak or ambush.. either way. and a energy vamp. anyway, well you and your brother are the leaders and because your part human, you are called the Omega. you and your brother of course.
  4. your brother stops and faces the streak. he says, "alright listen up. something weird is up with these guys. just... no information on us in our world or the human one. it risks too much." you all nod including you. then he says, "dismissed". right then, the bell rang and you separated into your classes.
  5. you have class with layla and the teacher told everyone to line up against the wall. layla tells you telepathically, "great! new seats! now i wont have to sit by that geek June! weird name. especially for a guy." you two giggled and you stopped when you realized that the guy with the green eyes walked into homeroom. layla elbowed you and you rolled your eyes. you suddenly blushed when you heard your name. you hated being on the spot.
  6. mr.D ,as everyone called him, asked you to be quiet and sit in your newly assigned seat next to the one and only, new kid. you sigh and try not to grumble under your breath. layla gives you a push when you didn't move and you stubbed your toe onto a nearby chair. you look back at her once you sat down and she mentally tells you, "your eyes! they're violet. ooh! your anxious are you? anyway, hurry and blink them away! don't blow our cover!" you nod slightly and pull your hair into your face as the new guy looks at you. you pull out a mini mirror you carry around, in case your eyes change color, and you check them. phew! back to their normal dark brown.
  7. once everyone is seated and the announcements are over, mr. D calls over the new guy and asks him to say his name and age. he slowly gets up, taking one more look at you and says, "i'm Carlos. i'm 16 years old." you tried not to melt at his voice. it was low, deep, and it had a small Spanish accent. he sits back down and the teacher says, "now, i sat you with people i noticed you rarely talk too. so, i want you to give each other a few minutes to introduce yourselves. now, on the board i wrote what you can say if you can't think of anything. you have 10 minutes... go!" you all jump at his loud voice and you slowly tuen to face the new kid. what was his name? Carlos! there we go. you quietly tell him as you fiddled with your notebook and stared at it, " you go first". barely understanding you, he says, "um.. ok. i'm Carlos. i'm 16 years old and i enjoy hiking. i have an older sister about a few months older than me and i live in the same neighborhood as my friends who you saw with me earlier today. my favorite music is hip hop, reggae, and reggeton. i really like to eat cheesecake and caldo de queso. i'm from mexico but iv traveled everywhere. recently from Spain. what about you?" you hesitate to answer.
  8. then layla says mentally, "ima do a spiderweb with everyone" (spiderweb means she's gonna make everyone talk to each other through her mind and everyone hears everyones convorsation. its like a group talk but without seeing them. like on the phone but with everyone!) then you tell isaac, "the teacher asked us to introduce us to the partners and i have the new kid! i have to say something. i'l try to stall him but he's bound to ask me soomething soon." he says, "ok everyone, say the least as possible. we can't risk anything." you smile in your head and turn to Carlos and cut off every1 in your mind. he looks at you expectantly. "i'm ______. im 16 as well and i live with my brother who is my age. you saw my friends this morning as well." you say. he opened his mouth as if to say something but you cut him off by asking, "what part of spain did you go?" he sighs and says, "i was going to ask you a question." you frowned at him because you thought he'd get caught up in the memories and bore you just like original humans. but he didn't. curiosity roamed around your mind as he stared at you blankly. then, his eyes widened. you give him a pleading look and he stammered, "yo-your- your eyes" you quickly turned away, starting to blink and check yourself on the mirror. phew! back to normal. you turn back and say, "i don't see anything wrong with them. do you?" he blinks at you and rubs his eyes with the palm of his hand. "nah, nah. it was just me. sorry" you roll your eyes. he gets you frustrated and your eyes turned red. he widens his eyes and you shut them tight and turn to the side, faking a cough. you check once more and turn back to him once their normal. he askes furiously, "o.k. im not seeing things this time. your eyes were red! why? WHAT are you?" he whisper-shouts. you widen your eyes, shocked. what are you? he asked? is he part of your mythical world? no.. can't be. impossible. he doesn't smell like it. you calmly say, " the lighting in this school makes my contacts seem different colors. what do you mean, WHAT am i?" you ask curiously. your eyes changed blue and you didn't bother turn away since he calmed down and didn't freak. he says, "nothing. nevermind. im sorry." you smile at him. poor guy. too bad he can't be with you. he's a human and you can easily hurt him.
  9. the bell rings just as he was about to say something. you quickly stuff your things into your backpack and take off without closing it. you go to your locker and wait for isaac to pick you up. on your way some huge jock who's been a jerk since you met him, tripped you.
  10. you didn't see his foot and you stumble to the ground, spilling all of your books. you groan and bend over to pick them up. if only you could show HIM how to bully someone. he turns back to you and grinns as he pulls two girls on each side. then he yells, "whatch where you're going fatso!!!"
  11. you turned back to him and hissed, "yeah you're one too say!" the girls around him snickered and walked away. he started coming towards you and for a second there, you got a hint of fear. then, it left as quickly as it came and he stopped in his tracks. was it your eyes changing black or was isaac behind you. isaac must have been behind you because the jock was looking over you. you turned and smiled. then, the smile faded into shock as you saw, that wasn't isaac. you widened your eyes and turned back to the floor, scrambling to get your books.
  12. it was the other new guy with the blonde hair and gray eyes. he gave the jock a stare down and the jock turned to you saying, "whatever. your lucky this time. you better watch it next time. you got it?" you rolled your eyes and turned back to the new kid. curiosity roamed your mind. and probably your eyes as well. you felt them burn yellow and you bowed your head to the books. you only needed your last book which is the one you were reading. "nightshade?" asked the tall, lean and handsome new guy. he reached for it and your hands touched before you snatched it away.
  13. he kneels next to you. he offered a hand to help you up but you refused to take it. isaacs orders echoed in your head. yours and isaacs twin telepathy acted up and you told him you were in hall c and that some jerk knocked you down. he said, "i'll be right there". you forced yourself up but slipped and the new kid caught you in his arms. you finally managed to steady yourself but you felt your legs trembling. you took a quiet deep breath, knowing you had to be polite. "thank you for helping me. excuse me," you say as you walked away. he caught your arm, "wait". he must seriously not understand the pyramid of popularity. no vguy would risk that. especially by talking to the leader of misfits. once again, you were curious. not enough to change the color of your eyes but enough to make you turn around. you turned to him and he said, "let me introduce myself. i'm luke. the guy that's been in your dreams for who knows how long. and let me tell you a secret, you've been in mine." he said with a wide grin and a wink. that was so cheesy. you got a feeling that he was errogant but sensing all of his confidence, you didn't have the heart to destroy it. so, you went along with it a little more. you giggled, "i'm..." he looked at yuo expectantly. but the command didn't leave. you had to stop. it isn't for you. you cleared your throat, "i'm not in your league. you're league is over there." you said pointing to the cheerleaders and the jocks. he turned to them and shrugged. he looked back at you and said, "you think you could join us for lunch?" you stared at him in disbelief. it must have been a dare. suddenly, you noticed his muscles tense. he looked past you. you were going to turn when you noticed an arm around your shoulder. you looked at it and looked at the man beside you. uh-oh. isaac. he must have had a bad encounter with this guy in order to put his arm around my shoulder. he nodded at luke and uke walked away. you stood there for a sec. and you finally looked at isaacs and and back at him at least 3 times. he said, "oh! sorry. i had to get him to back off of you. " you tried to say something but the only thing that exited your throat was a growl.
  14. you shrugged off his arm and kept walking. eyes black. he sighed and caught up with you. you two went to your next class and barely made it before the bell. "*we should have ditched*" isaac twin telepathically said. you give him a curious look and he moves his head, signaling to the back of the room. you turned and saw the brown haired boy. oh no.
  15. you sit down in the 2nd to last row. the further you are to the teacher, the more questions you can ask isaac. after settling down and taking some notes you whisper to isaac, "what did you do?" he finishes writing a sentence and says, "when? i do a llot of things. you should know that." he chuckled. you bump him and say, "no, with luke." he looked puzzled and said, "wait, you mean the new blond kid in the hall?" you rolled your eyes, "yes. thhe new kid in the hall. now, what'd you do to him?" he snickered, "well, the teacher asked him to introduce himself and he said something that i decided to elaborate on."
  16. you glared at him and he continued, "okay, okay, so he said he traveled the world and that he recently came from spain. i added 'olay!' and he said that he also traveled to trannsylvania and i... well, i mimicked a vampire. whoo! that kid hated my guts after the vampire thing." you couldn't help yourself. you snickered and looked around the room to see if anyone noticed you. the brown haired boy certainly did. hescowled at you but then as you shyly smiled at him, he eased up and wore a wide grin. you turned away as your eyes turned red and it matched your cheeks. you laughed some more with isaac until the bell rang.
  17. classes past. a few of them with all of the boys. you avoided them of course. at the end of 4th period, while you headed to your locker, brown-haired guy stopped you. you froze and looked him in the eyes. they were the same blue as always only a little purple. he casually leaned against the doorway as you tried to walk away. he asked, "what's your name?" you were about to flirt when layla and dulce walked up to you. flirt mode:off. you said, "excuse me, i have to go." you tried to walk past him but he put his arm in your way.
  18. you rolled your eyes and noticed they turned black when you caught your reflection in a chick who had sunglasses on. she passed by glancing your way. he didn't seem surprised. he looked you up and down as he casually said, "i'm jake." you cleared your throat as you looked at his arm and back at him. he didn't move it but noticed you didn't like it. that made his grin grow wide. you rolled your eyes once again and sighed. he saw you and after you smiled at him, he seemed to roam his mind. there's your break you ducked under his arm when he caught yours as you stood with your friends. a low growl rippled through your throat and dulce nudged you. you cleared your throat and turned back to him, "please let go of me." you plead.
  19. "i'll make you a deal. tell me your name and i'll take you out tonight. it's on me." he winked. you couldn't help but smile. you leaned in close to him and you felt his muscles tense, his heart speed up, and most importantly, his grip loosen up. you snatched your arm away and he sighed. "who are your friends?" he said not taking his eyes off you.
  20. maybe if you sounded smart, he would let you go, "excuse me. my appetite grows and i must meet my other friends". he smiled and responded, "of course. however, my dilemma states that my appetite grows for you. *wink* would you please join me?" you sighed. dang it he speaks nerd! "excuse me. i have no concern in being at your lunch table." he easily replied, "may i escort you to yours?" you snapped back, "you have no concern at my table. excuse me." and with that, you left. the girls giggled by your sides as you exchanged books in your locker and joined everyone at your lunch table. it was quiet. everyone was probably pondering of the event coming up.
  21. you decided to break the silence by telling them the story of jake. isaac broke into cackles and the others laughed as hard as him. you two started teasing each other and he got too carried away. he punched your arm, challenging your strength. you did the same. "you punch like a girl" he said hitting you back. you punched him back, "i AM a girl genius." luz and Renzo started cracking jokes and issac stood with the last punch. you glanced around the lunch room. someone was staring at you. Jake. he nudged the guys as soon as you two made eye contact. they look so familiar. why? whatever. you shook it off. a few minutes later you looked back and he kept looking at you. you glanced at his table as you saw luke flirting with a cheerleader and Carlos sitting back with his arms behind his head as he laughed with the jocks. Jake seemed to isolate himself from the group. he just, stared at you. you took this as a stare down. "what?" you mouthed. he replied the same only with a wink. you rolled your eyes and mouthed, "stop" he said, "stop what?" you signaled, "looking at me". he chuckled and shook his head. you smiled and suddenly your arm burned.
  22. you turned to see isaac scowling at you and he punch-burned your arm. you scowled back, "what was that for?" he replied, "stop it." you both knew what he was talking about so you shut up, playing with your noodles on your almost-empty plate. isaac must have read the hurt on your face and he put his arm around you and kissed you on the cheek, "i'm sorry." he breathed. you shrugged him off, "i'll get over it but if your hand slips around my shoulder one more time, you really will be sorry." he hesitantly squeezed your shoulder before pulling it back. the streak returned to its original playfulness. classes passed by after that and you guys went to a fast-food restaurant afterwards.
  23. you guys laughed so hard that you needed to use the bathroom. the restaurant had stalls in the bathroom so you and the rest of the girls went. before you pushed the heavy, cold door open, you noticed the new kids walk in. they noticed you too and took a table beside yours. you rushed into the bathroom and after a few minutes of fixing each-other's hair and chatting, you girls exited the room. outside the bathroom, you ran right into Jake and he gripped your arm once again, "come on, just one date?" your eyes turned black but they didn't care. why don't these guys freak out at your eyes? every other human does! "please let me go. i have people waiting for me." "they can wait a little longer." Luke snapped. Carlos nudged him, obviously telling him to calm down. Carlos spoke, "we just want to talk to you". he glanced at the girls, "alone" luke finished his sentence. you refused and so did the girls. next thing you know... CLIFFHANGER!!!

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