Abandoned but not alone#3

I hope you enjoy this vampire werewolf love story and plz rate and comment at the end, no mean comments or scams please or I'll ifnore you, please read my other love stories, warrior cats love stories! -Falconheart

hopenyly enjoy this quiz as much as I enjoyed making it for you guys, this is a girls only quiz no guys aloud unless your gay... Anyway please check out my other quizzes- Falconheart

Created by: Falconheart

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  1. Okay so we were at the part where you were about to get attacked by a _______?
  2. (Okay let's start) A vampire crashed into you. His blood red eyes turned into a soft yellow gaze. He holds Taylor and your muzzles closed shut as he dragged you both deeper into the forest. Your claws rake his calf as you struggle free. You let out a loud bark so the boys know where you are. You lunge and bite the vampires hand that held your "daughters" muzzle shut. She leaps away free as she stands her ground by you growling bravely.
  3. The vampire backed up his eyes turning to a deep sad blue. He ran off at top speed. You swung your massive wolf head around and licked your daughters ears before padding off. You scented your way, following a fresh trail of a lone human male. You stopped behind a bush with your daughter at your side. "Okay hun, your going to catch your own human today!" You looked at your daughter, her white fur fluffed up excitedly and her bright blue eyes wide with determination. "Okay mum!" She stalked forward slowly trying to hide her white fur as much as possible as she stepped towards him silently. She leaped and attacked him, digging her long claws in his chest knocking him out. "Gotchya!" She yelped happily, "look what I caught mum." Her scenses suddenly took over as she couldn't help her self but eat. Your senses kicked in also as you started to maul him also. (Okay pretend their eating turkey!)
  4. Finishing your meal you head back towards the manchine. Your daughter stopped and sniffed her white fur along her back bristled, "mum theirs three other..." Before she finished her sentence a black light of fur flew towards you followed by a silver brown streak of fur and a brown and black streak of fur that headed towards Taylor.
  5. You get knocked down gently and you look up to see Noah and Tristan looking down at you with wide excited eyes. "Well nice seeing you here, thanks for dropping in!" You say sarcastically, Tristan laughed while Noah chuckled a little. They both got off of you and you saw Tod and Taylor watching you guys. "Hewo Noah an Twistan!" She pipped up and leaped at Tristan bowling him over, "I caught my first hooman today!" Tristan pushed her off of him gently, "good job Taylor." He looked at you, "let's get inside, we're going to the beach today."
  6. You go upstairs with Taylor holding on to your back. You shut the door behind you and you saw clothes for Taylor sitting on your bed. "Hmm they went shopping for you Taylor!" Taylor bounced around, "yay clothes," you laughed. "Okay, pick your bathing suit out." (Btw she is 7 years old now) Taylor picked out a flower two piece and put it on, her skin, now a kind of tan color, shone brightly as her long blonde hair hung to her waist. You put on a pretty...
  7. You walk down stairs with Taylor besides you, you get to the last step and see the boys gathering around the kitchen table. You saw Noah with blue swim pants on and his tan skin shone brightly in the dim light. You saw Tristan with red swim pants on and Tod with green. You looked at all their faces, their jaws dropped to the ground as they stared at you. "Oh boys stop staring," you laughed in a joking tone. You walked over to them and sat beside Tristan with Taylor on the other side of you. "We all ready?" Tod asked still watching you with awe, "Ya," we all said together.
  8. You guys walked out and Tod drove with Tristan in the passenger seat. You sat in-between Noah and Taylor. You looked at Noah and your eyes mustve wandered to his Abds. ~Noah:nice veiw, huh?~ he sent you a thought message. You suddenly snapped out of day dreaming and you saw him looking at you with a smirk on his face, ~you:haha, Ya great veiw~ you punched him gently in the arm. His face brightned as he wrapped his muscular arm around your shoulders and pulled you a little closer. You guys got to the beach and saw...
  9. CLIFFHAGER!!!! Shout out to Cherrywhisker~ thanks for pushing me to make more quizzes cuz I really thought that no one was enjoying or reading them and you always comment on my quizzes and pretty much make me laugh everyday. xxx-Falcon ❤️
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  11. Who do yu like the best?

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