Summer Love part 3

Ah, Summer. A great time. No school. No homework. Nothing but ice cream, pool parties, beaches and...BOYS! Take this quiz to join into the story of a young teenage girl (you) falling for the boy of her (your) dreams.

But who is this special boy? There are only two special boys in this young girls' (your) life. Her best friend, Bryan and the hot bad boy of her school, Nick. Which one will she (you) choose? Bryan makes her (you) laugh and giggle when she (you) want(s) to cry. While Nick makes her (you) feel just...amazing. So which one is it?

Created by: heyilikepie

  1. Nick quickly breaks apart from your long kiss, even though the both of you want more. "What?" he asks, annoyed. "What are you DOING?!" the girl screeched. She moved up a row so she was right behind you two. She looked familiar....really familiar. You've definatly seen her around school, but you can't remember where. "Well what do you think I'm doing?! I'm on a date!!" Nick cries. "A DATE!!" she yells. And then suddenly, you remember who she is.
  2. It's Amy. Nick's EX-girlfriend. Suddenly, you start to feel a little awkward around her and sink down in your seat. Bad idea. Her eyes dart over to you and burn through your skin. "Who is SHE? Huh?" Amy asks nosily. "Why do you care, Amy? We broke up last week!!" Nick says. Then the security guard comes with a flash light. "Excuse me, but i'm going to have to kick you three out if you don't quiet down." he says. "Sorry!" Amy growls at him and he leaves. Nick says again, "We broke up last week! Why do you care?! Do you want me back, huh? You want me back?"
  3. "Eww, no! I don't want you back!!" Amy shrieks. "Admit it Amy, you want me back, don't you?" Nick smiles slyly. "Never in a million years." Amy whispers harshly right in his face. And then Nick laughs. It's a tiny laugh, but it's still a laugh. That drives Amy insane. She starts screaming and the guard comes back and throws you guys outside.
  4. Outside it's dark and the stars are out and bright. You check your cell phone. It's 9:15 at night. "Why do you care so much, then?" Nick asks once again to Amy. Amy stares at him in disbelief. "You are just...AUGH! We broke up a WEEK ago and you're already dating another girl?! You're disgusting! I can't believe i ever even went out with you!" Amy cries. You're starting to wonder if staying at home tonight might have been a good idea. Amy looks at you one last time. At first, it looks like she's going to kill you, but then she says, "DON'T go out with him! I swear, you'll regret it!!" she whispers. And then she disappears into her car and drives home. What did she mean by that?
  5. You stare at her drive away and Nick puts an arm around you. "Come on, let's go." he mutters. You walk back to the car silently. As you get in he says, "Don't believe her, okay. She just said it because she was angry. Don't believe her." but the way his voice is makes you a little suspicious. You just nod. Then his voice changes to a softer one. "I'm sorry tonight was such a crappy first date." he apologizes. "It's okay," you say. "Maybe we can, i don't know... try some other time?" he sounds really innocent and sweet.You smile, "No, really it was okay." "Are you sure?" he asks. "Positive." you say. "Alright." he smiles.
  6. The moment changes as he starts the car. It rumbles to life. Just before he pulls out of the parking space, he rolls down his window, which is weird since it was kind of chilly tonight. Then, he pulls out a pack of cigarettes and matches. He takes out a cigarette, lights the match and lits the cigar. He sticks it in his mouth. You are shocked. "Um,.. cigarettes?" you ask. "Oh my bad. You want one?" he asks, offering on to you. You say no. "Um, aren't you a little too young?" you ask. "So?" he snorts. "What are you a goody goody or something?" he chuckles and pulls out of the parking space and onto the road.
  7. He drives you back to your house and you hold your breath the whole time. But all of a sudden, the car stops in the middle of the a road. "Hey, what's going on??" you ask. It's a quarter to ten now. "I don't know." he mutters, his cigar still in his mouth. You look around for cars but don't see a single one. It's a small, private road you two are in and not many cars pass this way. Why did he go through here!? "Nick!" you try not to whine. "What?!" he snaps, pushing on the driving stick. You leave him alone. He steps out of the car and inspects it and comes back and sits in. "I think we have a flat." he reports. A flat? Aughh! "Don't you have a spare tire?" you ask. He stares at you like you just said you gave birth to a hippo. "Does it LOOK like i have a tire anywhere?! DOES IT?" he yells. It is a small car, but it could've been in his trunk or something. "Sorry," you mumble. "What about your cell phone?" you say. "Call Triple A." "Can't. They close at nine thirty." he says automatically. Has he been in this situation before? "So? Call your parents then. Maybe one of them could pick us up?" you say. He snorts. "My parents." he says quietly at first. "MY PARENTS?" he yells. "My frikkin PARENTS?"
  8. "My parents are probably lying drunk and naked in bed right now!" He continues to scream. "Like every night." he says again, only a little quieter. He gets out again and pulls something out of his trunk and sits back in his car. It's a bottle...of beer!? You don't want to say "he's too young" again because you're afraid he's going to yell at you. "Then let's call my parents." you say after a moment. "No," he murmurs. "What-?" you ask. "I SAID NO." he shouts again.
  9. He cracks open the bottle and takes a long sip. Once he's done you say "Well let's call Bryan." "NO!!" he shouts in your face. "LOOK," this time you scream. You're sick of his attitude. "WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE! WE CAN'T SPEND THE WHOLE NIGHT LOCKED UP IN THIS...IN THIS...IN THIS CAR!! I'M CALLING-" you take out your phone but Nick knocks it out of your hands and on the car floor. "HEY-!" you start to scream but he takes his large hand and squeezes your mouth shut. "Listen," he whispers harshly and drunkly in your face. His breath STINKS. "If you call anyone- I repeat ANYONE- i will slap you. I will slap you SO HARD you'll go blind. And trust me, i've done that before." You struggle to get out of his grip but he holds tightly. "Understand?" he barks. You nod.
  10. He knocks your face away. "Good." you here him grunt. He finishes the whole bottle and digs out THREE more and drinks them. You get hungry and want some food. By the middle of the night, Nick is drowned with beer and you're starting to feel scared. He pushes you around and couple times he even tries to strip you, but you are able to smack him away. But about 12:30 a.m, he's fast asleep. You fumble to find your phone. You have two missed calls form your home, but you ignore that and call Bryan first. "Bryan!" you whisper into the phone. He yawns. "Who is this?" "It's me, _____!" you whisper. "_______!" he cries. "Where are you!? Are you okay!!? Your parents told me you didn't come home! Where are you!?" he cries. "I'm in...Nick's car. We had a flat and he's out drunk in the driver's seat." you say. "Wait, he's DRUNK?" Bryan cries. "Yes!! Please come get me! Please!" you beg. "Of course!" he says immediatly. "Where are you?" he asks. You tell him where you are and then hang up the phone, feeling better. You get up and stare out the window, waiting for Bryan's car. But then suddenly, someone grabs you and it's all dark.
  11. ~~~~~~~CLIFFHANGER!!!~~~~~~~~~~
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