Hogwarts Love Story Pt 11.3 {A New Year}

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Time to settle in at Hogwarts! Now, after a lively summer and a very heated ride to the castle, I think things are certainly turning up on a brightside...Well, let's try not to jinx it.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle

  1. It was one thing to fall for Oliver, who was four years older than you but now, you were encountering the same thing with Cedric, who is two years older. It wasn't bad but after what happened last year, falling for him is the best choice now; especially with two other guys who are smitten for you. You ran back to your compartment which was pretty far away, in a distance you saw a platinum blond hair guy walking your direction . You stopped a few feet in front of him and blushed immediately "H-Hi Draco!" You said as you gave a nervous wave. You waited for Draco to respond but before he passed by you, he turned his head and gave you the classic eyebrow raise and left it at that. "Uhm, it was nice seeing you too..."You turned around to only see his back facing you, you faced your original direction and headed off "Geez, you show a girl your diary and all your thoughts and when we see each other all you do is raise your eyebrow?!" You mumbled to yourself as you marched into your compartment.
  2. "Bad start already?" Neville said as he watched you entered the compartment with a fiery attitude. You slammed the sliding door and dropped in your seat "Men are the worst!" You barked as you placed your arms over your chest and looked out the window, Neville awkwardly looked down, praying you wouldn't elaborate on your statement "I mean-who does that to a person?! You give someone the best Christmas they ever had and they completely act like you're polluted air?!" You blurted out, Neville placed his left ankle on his thigh and took out a magazine "I hear you, girl. Men..." "Not even a word that boy, just an eyebrow raise. That's so cliche for a guy to do! No one has done that in centuries!" "Oliver used to do that to you whenever you ranted at him during Christmas" Neville exposed as he flipped the magazine, your mouth flew open "And you only tell me this now?!" You yelled, reaching for his shoulder to hit, you snatched the magazine away from him "You're reading a magazine?! NEVILLE (Ow!) LONG-(Quit it!)BOT-(________!)OM!" You said, repeatedly hitting Neville with the magazine you took from him "How could you be reading at a time like this, when your best friend is hysterically in need?!" "Like this." He said, taking the magazine back and sticking out his tongue "Oh! Yes, that's very funny. Learned that over the summer?" You mocked him and you leaned back in your seat
  3. You spent the remainder of the ride in silence as you were still furious with your encounter with Draco. You tried to think positive with the new year that awaited you; while thinking you finally reached your destination and tried to get all the negative energy filled in you, out. While stepping out of the train, you were greeted by a lot of familiar faces but nobody you talk to. You and Neville both made your way to the carriages, you took your seat but you were not about to leave because there was still room for 3 more people. You watched as others were already on their way to the castle, Draco passed by in a carriage with Pansy, Goyle, Crabbe and Blaise. Neville could have sworn he saw steam shoot out of your nostrils and ears "Can we please hurry up?!" You barked, Neville was pretty much used to all the screaming because of third year; he hoped whoever shared a carriage with you is a forgiving person. In a few moments, three people manage to fill the seats.
  4. "________!" One of the people sitting with you shouted, you looked towards them but you simply had no clue who it was. "Do I know you?" You said irritably, Neville scooted away for the worst was about to come. The person laughed at what you said, you analyzed the other passengers and only manage to recognize Hermione "Are they friends of yours, Hermione?" She gave a chuckle as she realized what was going on "Since First Year! They're your friends too!" You have a skeptical look and leaned forward "I highly doubt th-ah-HARRY?!" You said as you leaned in closer to the quiet passenger. He changed so much since Christmas; facial wise it was all the same but his hair was incredibly long yet tamed. "Hi there!" He smiled, you looked at the one who greeted you first and saw the jealous ginger from third year "R-RON?!" You blurted out and was shocked. You found that the boys had too much Gryffindor pride, their hair resembled a lions mane, Ron's especially. "Yeah. Is it the hair?" He laughed as he fiddled with his bangs "What do you think?" "It makes me want to get a lawn mower and run you over, that's what I think" Hermione and Harry stifled a laughter, finding it ironic since Harry had the same case as Ron.
  5. "Sorry, she had a rough start." Neville said as he felt sorry for the three, somehow he managed to turn back to the quiet shy boy you first met in third year. Hermione understood as well did Harry, Ron just sat as he grumbled in his seat, completely offended. To what Neville said you were completely embarrassed by your atrocious behavior "I'm sorry! I've had a rough summer and I bottled it all up. I didn't mean to take it out on you." You apologized as you covered your face in embarrassment, Harry grabbed your right wrist and pulled it down "Don't be sorry. I know how that feels" He smiled, you gave a small blush; you would have blushed harder if his hair didn't give such an odd appearance. Regardless, he is still the sweet Harry who helped you through your rough times with Oliver.
  6. The carriage ride was a good way to catch up with all of them. "So, how did your summer go?" Harry asked, with Ron in the carriage you thought it was best to not mention Oliver "Uhm, I went to the Quidditch World Cup. Great game, except Bulgaria lost and...Death Eaters, if you haven't heard about it." "You were there?" Hermione asked in hush tones, the atmosphere became very serious, other than the fact Ron was happy you too also felt bad for Bulgaria's lost. "Yeah, it was pretty...nerve racking. I never experienced anything like that..."A shiver ran up your spine as you relived the moment just by mentioning it. "You're lucky you got alive. We all are-we were there too. However, we encounter trouble with the Ministry" Hermione stated as she glanced over at Harry, who seemed to have a very annoyed aura surrounding him "You were there too? Did you encounter a Death Eater?" You asked but quietly to the mention of Death Eater "N-No, w-" "Do you remember the mark in the sky?" Ron butted in, you nodded your head as he laid back. "We saw the person who created it. Using-Harry's, well, erm-wand." Ron said, taking double takes at Harry
  7. "But it wasn't Harry, right?" "Of course it wasn't! I would never, why would I conjure the mark for the man who killed my parents?!" Harry snapped, you found it amazing how the emotions between you and Harry switched "S-Sorry..." You quietly said, turning to Hermione but continued to stare at Harry from the corner of your eye "A house elf, by the name of Winky had Harry's wand. She said, she would never use magic like that. Her master, Barty Crouch Sr, the Head of the department of Magical Law Enforcement in the ministry, was outraged" Hermione said as she held on to the carriage railing as they hit a bumpy road "It didn't look good for Crouch, House elves aren't allowed to do anything unless they're ordered to. Since that elf (It has a name Ron!) that elf, is Crouch's; the ministry is probably asking him to a lot of questions. Can't imagine what will happen to him" Ron added and rolled his eyes to Hermione's side comment "Can't imagine what happened to poor Winky, did you see how Mr.Crouch treated her after? It was vial and disgusting, that is why I'm creating a protest to help free House Elves everywhere!" Hermione proudly stated "As much as I admire your courageous spirit, Hermione. I heard House elves are happy to be slaves rather than being free." Neville pointed out, Hermione scoffed while Ron rejoiced to Neville's point. Harry on the other hand, was still furious.
  8. The rest of the carriage ride was Ron and Hermione going back at each other about the rights of House elves. You never met one in your life but what Hermione said, you couldn't help but to agree. You arrived at the castle and smiled as you missed its magical presence; Neville, Hermione, Ron and Harry left as they went to settle their stuff in their common room. You decided to do the same, you grabbed your luggage and headed up the steps; once you reached the top, you stopped as you reminisced the first moment you met Oliver. A rush of sadness filled you as you remembered you broke up, he was injured; unconscious at the Hospital and no longer at Hogwarts. Releasing a huge sigh, you turned around and headed for the common room. "Hiya!" a bunch of voices said you turned around, you were scared the living daylights and tumbled backwards; luckily whoever scared you managed to save you by grabbing both of your wrist. "Woah there! Don't want to go falling down into someone else's arms now do you?" The voice said, you turned around to see not one but two old friends. Fred and George Weasley. The pulled you in till your feet were firmly on the ground "Why does everyone keep doing that?!" You yelled and complain and stomped your foot. Simply annoyed.
  9. The twins stared at you as they were clueless. You did nothing but sigh and apologize for your outburst. You continued up the stairs and heard the sound of footsteps following you. "Hey! Is that any way to talk to the two youngest entrepreneurs of Hogwarts?" Fred smiled as he walked backwards up the steps "We'd like to interest you in a one in a life time opportunity." George smiled as his hands were in his pockets and he walked by your side "And that would be?" "Me and Freddie are going to open a shop in Hogsmeade; a joke shop! But, it won't be a success without some first hand publicity." "That's where you come in. You're cute and easy on the eyes (Thanks?) You will work along side us, help us experiment on a few gags, publicize to everyone and in return, you'll get a profit out of it." Fred stated as you now reached the fifth floor, you placed your suitcase down "As promising as that sounds, I prefer not to be a regular client at St.Mungo's." You smiled as you opened the door, George quickly stepped in place as he held the door open for you, Fred carried your suitcases "It comes with perks that we wouldn't offer Ron or Ginny." George said as he gestured you enter before Fred, Fred gave a winning smile. "What do you say?" They both asked
  10. You crossed your arms and walked through the door "Alright but I want to see a contract! I'm not about unfair negotiation." You pointed your finger at them, they smiled "Spoken like a true tycoon." George laughed, Fred was sweating and struggled to carry all of your bags "Y-y...ah, wh...atever gets me inside faster." "Oh! Let me get that!" You ran over to get your bags, the rest of the way the twins shared their plans on the shop and ways you could publicize. It sounded dangerous yet thrilling, by the time you realized, you arrived at the common room. "You'll receive a letter from our owl in the morning" "It'll cover everything and perks included." "Work starts tomorrow afternoon, so come to the courtyard during your free period." "Bye _______! See you at dinner!" "And thanks again!" The twins said one after the other, it as very dizzy going back and forth but you managed to get what they were trying to say.
  11. The twins departed as you entered your common room, you were greeted by your old house mates and smiled to see they were glad to see you. You missed this place even if you weren't inside that often, you headed to the fourth year bedrooms; it was upstairs and instead of the third door on the right, it was he fourth, making it more of a journey. You walked in as one of your roommates were heading out, she have you a friendly smiled as she passed. You set your bags down and observed the room; it was elegant and classy. There was only one extra bed and that was in the corner, there was only one bed beside yours and whoever you shared your space with was already unpacking. You walked over and placed your suitcases on your bed. "I already took the liberty of saving some space for you in the dresser over there. So anything you don't mind hanging, put there." The girl said as she was crouched down over her trunk taking out some clothes, you thanked her and began to settle. "I'm Ambrosia. If yo-" You heart shattered to the floor, your eyes widen as you stared at the brick wall in front of you, slowly turning your head, all your joints became numb, for the next year you would be sleeping beside Ambrosia. She stood up and gave an awkward smile "But I guess you already knew that. Hi ________, long time no see."
  12. Well, I think I'm getting the hand of balancing out the scenes with everyone, well-ish. Draco, I need to work on. So, I'm probably going to get a lot of all of you because of the sleeping arrangement. I solemnly swear that I will make it up to all of you in the next edition! Don't worry, I'm actually considering you strangling Ambrosia in the series, I just need to see when. I HOPE that you still enjoyed despite certain events. Well, I'm off to work on the last part! Stay magical x

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