Summer Love part 1

Ah, Summer. A great time. No school. No homework. Nothing but ice cream, pool parties, beaches and...BOYS! Take this quiz to join into the story of a young teenage girl (you) falling for the boy of her (your) dreams.

But who is this special boy? There are only two special boys in this young girls' (your) life. Her best friend, Bryan and the hot bad boy of her school, Nick. Which one will she (you) choose? Bryan makes her (you) laugh and giggle when she (you) want(s) to cry. While Nick makes her (you) feel just...amazing. So which one is it?

Created by: heyilikepie

  1. It's been a week of summer vacation and you and your best friend, Bryan are sitting in the town ice cream shop, eating, well, ice cream. You guys are laughing away. His crystal blue eyes twinkle and his curly brown hair is messily over his head. Just then, you notice Nick, the hot bad boy in your school walk in. Everyone is in love with him, and you maybe too...a little bit
  2. "Oh my god!!" you hiss to Bryan. "It's Nick!!" "So?" Bryan mutters and eats his ice cream. "What do you mean 'so?'? He's so hot! Look at him!! Don't you think so?!" you reply. "Um..i don't think i can answer that question..." Bryan murmurs. "Oh shut up." you snap. "Should i go over there and talk to him? He did break up with Amy, didn't he? So he's single, right?" you ask. "I guess," Bryan murmurs, not paying attention. "No, you know what, i'm just gonna go over there and talk to him." you say. "Okaayyy." Bryan says. "How do i look?" you ask him. "Beautiful." Bryan says under his breath, but you can't hear him. You're already walking up to talk to Nick. You walk up to him. "Hey," "Oh, hey, _______, right?" Nick smiles at you.
  3. "Oh, um, you know my name," you say awkwardly. "Of course i do. Why wouldn't i?" Nick smiles. You blush. "Can i uh, buy you an ice cream?" Nick asks. "Oh, no thanks. I've already got some. I came with my friend, Bryan." you say. Nick looks over your shoulder and sees Bryan and he scoffs. "You know that loser? Wow. Come on, i'll buy you an ice cream. You can come sit with me and my friends." "Oh, no, really. I can't just abandon him like that." you say, but you kinda want to go and sit with him. Nick shrugs. "Alright. But, um, you free tomorrow night?" he asks. You smile slightly. "Well that depends." you flirt. Nick plays along. "Cuz i just so happened to be in the mood to watch a movie tomorrow and was wondering if you know anyone who wants to come with me?" he says. You smile. "I might know someone." you nod. "Well, great. Here's my number, and um have your 'friend' call me later tonight." he scribbles his number on a napkin and hands it to you. You grin. "Okay." and then he walks away. You go back to Bryan.
  4. "Oh my god!!" you say to Bryan. "He totally asked me out!" "Oh, he did?" Bryan asks. You guys are done with your ice cream and leave the shop. You walk home. "Yeah!!" you yell. "And um, are you going?" Bryan asks. "Of course!!" you cry. Bryan stops and stands in front of you. "Don't go, _______." You push him out of the way and continue walking. He catches up. "Why not??" you ask. "He's the bad boy, you know!!" Bryan says. "Well, no duh, i know! And he's so hot!" You exclaim. "______. Don't go. You'll never know what he could do to you. He might even break your heart. Don't go. I don't want to see you heart broken." Bryan says. By then you're in front of your house and you're annoyed at Bryan. "Oh chill out Bryan! We're only going to a movie! What are you, my dad?" you yell at him. "I know, but-" he begins. "Listen Bryan, just stay out of my love life!" you growl at him and then slam your front door in his face.
  5. "Sweetheart? What's wrong?" Mom asks from the kitchen. "Nothing." you mutter. But then you suddenly remember again. "I got a date!" "Oh, with who? Bryan?" mom asks. "Eww mom, no! Bryan's my best friend! Why would i go on a date with him!?" you yell. "Well it seems like you two are really getting closer." your mom shrugs. You sigh. "Mom, he's just a friend." "Well who are you going on a date with?" "Nick!" you cry. "Nick?" mom asks. "Yeah," you say. "Nick who?" she asks. You tell her his last name. Suddenly, her face drops.
  6. "That Nick!?" she yells. "Yeah...why?" you ask. "Oh sweetheart! You have no clue how much bad things i've heard about him in town. Go cancel the date." she orders. "What? Mom-!" "Go cancel the date!" she commands again. What do you say?
  7. (okay lets just say you picked the first option) "NO!!" you yell. "____!! You will NOT speak to your mother in that tone! Now go and CANCEL THAT DATE!!!" she yells again. "What do you know about him!? Those are just rumors, mom! You don't know him like i do!" you cry. "Oh? And how do you know him?" she asks. Damn. She got you there. You run upstairs and slam your bedroom door. You pull out your cellphone and call Nick. "Yeah, Nick? It's ______." you say. "Oh, hey," he greets. You listen to your mom from outside the door yelling "CANCEL IT!!!" "I can TOTALLY come tomorrow."
  8. ~~~~~~~CLIFFHANGER!!~~~~~~~~
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