How cringe are you?

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Have you ever wondered how cringey you are? No? Whatever, I see enough cringey people everyday to point it out and make a test about it so, if you want to know if you are then you're gonna get a pretty not so inaccurate result

You probably don't think you're cringey, but you probably are because everybody has a cringey thing about, even if some people think it's "cool" the sad, sad reality is- it's not...

Created by: Kor
  1. Are you a baddie? (do dress like a baddie/act ex: you wear oversized sweatshirts/shirts with pastel colors, soft matching colors, ripped mom jeans/faded jeans and tube tops or crop tops/middrift tanks etc, your make up is a kind of lot of foundation, with mascara and lashes, you're also kind of b:)tch) It's like the most popular trend PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE IS DOING IT rn why wouldn't you be???
  2. You wear bright red nike sneakers/ red sneakers, with something matching red, like sweats or shirt or just a whole matching red outfit with different colored accents maybe like a gold chain or something idk
  3. If you want actually accurate results you must by all means answer 100% truthfully EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO ADMIT IT you got to; otherwise if your results are something other, idk what to tell you so make sure you answer honestly.
  4. Your biological gender is female but you want to be male or changed to male, you dress with boyish, male clothing that make you look more masculine with usually shorter hair/short hair with sometimes pride/rainbow accessories
  5. You openly talk about anime, favorite shows, you like to debate about if characters from different shows fought, or why some characters are stronger than others. You also at least one (or possibly more than one) piece of anime graphic shirt/sweatshirt etc. or you may have a cheap cosplay outfit or figurines/poster(s) of anime characters
  6. Do you chew gum with your mouth open?
  7. Do you sneeze or cough without covering your mouth?
  8. Do you wear uggs?
  9. Do you do planking?
  10. Do you bust your sag? (also called sagging)
  11. Are you a soft girl? (Ex: You wear pastel/light faded colors, you don't need glasses but you wear them anyway and your glasses are oversized, you pleated pastel skirts with too short shirts with collars and pastel colored cardigans/sweaters with short jackets and tight short sleeved shirts, your make-up is the same as the baddie but "softer" and a little more blush and your hair is dyed)
  12. Are you an E-girl or wear E-girl style stuff (goth, lots of make up dark lipsticks/lipglosses, lots of eyeliner, I wear fishnet sleeves/shirts lights with lots purples blues or darker colors, skirts with chains and t-shirts with edgy stuff on them)
  13. Do you like drama and knowing about other peoples life's; you like to and want to know about others relationships, exe's gf/bf crushes etc
  14. Are you an online gamer or gamer in general? You love video games and playing them you spend hours playing, you like talking about it with others/friends/family like stuff you can do in gta or genshin impact and your favorite character, you like talking about the legend of zelda and zelda theories, the master sword, final fantasy, ff online, ffvii, cloud strife, fortnite, skyrim, mario, pokemon, anch, ssbu minecraft etc etc etc
  15. Do you say or use words like: "Caught in 4k" "Dope" "Lit" "gucci" "cap" "bet" "ok boomer" "Fr" ""
  16. Do you consider yourself popular, do you hang around with the basketball, football and soccer players of your school and cheerleaders or cool girls who dress nicely/put together
  17. (for guys) Do you wear sweatpants or sport shorts ex: running shorts/baggie shorts/athletic shorts with different t-shirts, basically like locker room vibes idk
  18. Do you use the term "gay" a lot **BE HONEST** (by 'a lot I mean you say something or someone is gay at least more than 3 times throughout the week')
  19. Do you play fnaf?
  20. Do you like undertale and the rest of the undertale franchise
  21. Do you have warrior cat oc's and/or undertale oc's
  22. Do you like warrior cats, percy jackson, hunger games etc
  23. Do you like wings of fire
  24. Do you have a wings of fire oc

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Quiz topic: How cringe am I?