How Original Is Your Warrior Cats OC?

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Take this quiz to see how original your OC is! It will ask questions about every aspect, so be prepared to get stuck on some questions, Such as backstory etc.

Please don't get offended, this is just my opinion. Please feel free to comment your OCs down in the comments as I would love to see them! If you have feedback please also comment that down below.

Created by: LightningBlaze
  1. What colour fur does your OC have?
  2. What colour eyes does your OC have?
  3. Is your character a...
  4. What rank is your OC currently?
  5. What rank does your OC get up to before joining starclan/ the dark forest?
  6. Is your character good or evil?
  7. What clan is your OC from?
  8. How old is your cat?
  9. Has your cat been in a prophecy?
  10. Does your character have any powers.
  11. What category does your character's prefix fall under?
  12. Same as the last question, but suffix this time. (What category does your OC's suffix fall under.
  13. What most applies to your character and their backstory?
  14. What most applies to your OC?
  15. FINAL QUESTION. Did you like this quiz and will you comment your OC down below? (you won't get scored for this one so don't worry).

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Quiz topic: How Original Is my Warrior Cats OC?