Do you know chitchatcity?

There are many people who are smart and maybe too smart for quizzes.When you take this quiz,you are testing if you really know chit chat city.Some people maybe golden and people may be below.Do you have the facts to take this quiz?

Are YOU a genius?Can you be a golden apple?But all you can do is wonder and think and ask yourself questions.But take this quiz and it will tell it for you.

Created by: Nya

  1. Who was the first Fashion Artist in chit chat city?
  2. Who has the best pet shop?
  3. Does chit chat city have forums?
  4. Is there anything in the entire Internet like Chit Chat city?
  5. Is Matt the creator of the game?
  6. Is chit chat city fun?
  7. Do you know Ally Wild?
  8. Are you a moderator?
  9. Do you love chit chat city?
  10. Was this quiz fun?
  11. Do you wanna make your own quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I know chitchatcity?