how smart are you?

take this quiz to find out how much you know about math! Some questions are easy, and some are not so easy(HARD!). Click this quiz, because I want to see ho

w many people actually take this, or try these quizzes. I have a couple other quizzes that are fun for girls only, L.o.l! Have fun try my newest quizzes, and try to be smart!

Created by: Tara Swick

  1. What is 5x3 do it 3 times more, and then once again. Then go ahead and (blank)-21=ANSWER!)
  2. What is the last questions answer, times 3 minus 4 do it twice more, and that is the answer!
  3. (chose the best answer!) If the math teacher writes on the board, 3x^2-2√(3)xy+y^2+2x+2√(3)y=0 determine the type of conic, solve for y, determine the angle of rotation-use the formula cot2=A-C/B and rewrite the equation of the conic using the equation x=x'cos-y'sin and y=x'sin+y'cos, what is the answer???
  4. Did you understand the last problem? Maybe? No? Yes? Well moving on.. 6x4=A/C Take A/ and turn it into 7, move C to A/'s point/spot.. What is C? And what is the answer to the problem? SOLVE!
  5. EASY! 6x3=?
  6. Enter your question, then enter possible answers. Leave blank any lines for answers that you are not using, i.e. if you only want four answers then fill in the first four answer lines and leave the last two blank. You can have a maximum of six answers per question. What would you put down?
  7. 123 is?
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  10. Okay, last FREE POINTS.

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