How Smart Are You?

A lot of people think they are smart but aren't really. If you are one or even think you are one than put your skills to the extreme test the tie breaker .

Are you smart are you sure your smart well now you can be 100% sure how smart you really are don't wonder if your smart test yourself and know your smart.

Created by: kat

  1. What is 12*8=
  2. What is 8 squared?
  3. What is (5*4)+14=?
  4. Who created the atomic bomb?
  5. Who was first to do the moonwalk?
  6. Who invented root beer?
  7. Who invented beer?
  8. How do you say 1 in spanish?
  9. Mad libs are good for your brain.
  10. Is laughing an exercise ?

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Quiz topic: How Smart am I?