Are You stupid?

Lots of people think that they are smart but some people are not smart like they think they are. Smart people know the true definition of beauty, life, and are intelligent.

I think you probably want to know how smart you are. I think you want to know if you know the true definetion of beauty life and if you're intelligent

Created by: Sema

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you believe stereo types?
  2. Do you still think Santa the Tooth Fairy and the Easter bunny are real?
  3. What grades do you usually get in school?
  4. What is 2+2
  5. How do you get popular?
  6. Do you automatically assume a person is dumb just because they're blonde?
  7. Do you think you're the best?
  8. Do you think gay people are stupid?
  9. Do you like Trump and why
  10. Why do you like whoever you have a crush on?
  11. Who would you be friends with of these 4?
  12. How would you get your ex back?
  13. Are you good at spelling?
  14. Are you illiterate
  15. Do you use mostly correct English like people can understand you?
  16. What is your opinion on beauty?
  17. What does hangry mean
  18. What do you think of families with lots of kids
  19. What color is your hair
  20. Do you trust your best friends with your most important thing
  21. Do you ever feel like you deserve more even though you're already pretty well off?
  22. Do you think little kids are dumb
  23. What would you most likely be in jail for?
  24. What would you eat for a snack when you're on a healthy diet
  25. Do you judge people?
  26. Do you gossip
  27. Who do you gossip about
  28. Ask someone how smart you are on a scale of 1-6. What do they say?
  29. Do you think they were telling the truth
  30. How do you get diagnosed with diseases?
  31. What's the traditional wedding color
  32. How would you introduce yourself to a bunch of strangers?
  33. Why do you like yourself?
  34. The most popular boy at school asks you out. He can make you popular but he always wants sex and he's bad. Do you date him?
  35. What's my name?

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Quiz topic: Am I stupid?