How smart are you?

There are a lot of average people in this world. Sometimes we see stupid and smart people. They're rare. A smart people can do complex things and little things easy.

Are you genius or smart? Are you average? Are you stupid? By doing this quiz, you will find out. This quiz will be updated with new question, so check a lot! This quiz has tricky questions to test your mind bewareness, memory, and thinking.

Created by: Matmail

  1. If 1 is 5, 2 is 10, 3 is 15, 4 is 20. So 5 is?
  2. George is driving to Beijing with speed 60kms/hour. Distance between him and Beijing is 200 kilometers. He arrives at 06.00 evening. At what time does he arrives?
  3. There is a pool with length 40m, height 5m and widht 20m. Sam throws a light ball to the water. The ball weighs 20g. How long does it take to touch the bottom of the pool?
  4. There are blue balls and green balls in a wooden box. The box consists of 60 balls. There are 20 blues and 40 greens. How much probabilities to take a red ball?
  5. Adrian is driving a motorcycle with speed 50kms/hour from the north to the south. Hillary is driving a car with speed 70kms/hour from the south to the north. The distance between them is 260kms. How much time they need to meet each other?
  6. Which statement is correct?
  7. Name has a mother named Pinky. Pinky has a husband named Vladimir. Vladimir is (???) Name's father.
  8. What is the only word that spelled incorrectly?
  9. If a banker has a husband named Luhan. The banker has 3 children. The names are Luhin, Luhun, and Luhen. What's the name of the banker?
  10. How many times does Pizza can be cut out?
  11. Do you remember the answer of question number 1?
  12. There are a lot of flies above the pasta. A fly then comes to the pasta. How many flies are there?
  13. If a suppy is a cuppy and a cuppy is a tuppy. Is tuppy a suppy?
  14. A+B : 5 A-B : 1 A*B : 6 A/B : 0.67 What's B?
  15. 4, 4, 20, 100, ???. Fill the (???)!
  16. H, E, X, D, (???). Fill the (???)!
  17. Which one is the awkward?
  18. Which one is NON-SENSE?
  19. What is the fifth word in Alphabet?
  20. In a competition, you catch up Rank 2. What rank are you now?
  21. In competition, you catch up last rank. What's your rank now?
  22. The quiz almost finishes. This is a reminder and won't affect your score.

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