How Well do you know MLP

Everybody has some unique interests. They are genius and smart in their own way. They are obviously good at many things. Maybe not at everything. But the things they are good at, they can blow everyone's mind. Everybody is smart and is the king of genius he/she might not even know!

Now we don't know if you are a genius at this quiz. Take it and find out if you have the knowledge about this or not. Are you going to be able to handle complex questions. Find out now!

Created by: adorable alicorns

  1. How many ponies live in Sweet Apple Acres?
  2. What color is Princess Cadence's magic aura?
  3. Who did Twilight meet first in Equestria Girls
  4. What is a female adult fan of MLP called
  5. Who in the Mane six is obsessed with pink?
  6. How many ponies/individuals reside in the new castle in Ponyville?
  7. What is the name of the 100th episode of My Little Pony?
  8. Who is the protagonist in MLP
  9. Why are Derpy`s eyes not normal?
  10. How many episodes are there in MLP (Till season 4)
  11. In Rainbow Rocks and Equestria Girls, Which two people have a crush on each other?
  12. In the IDW friends forever comic, which two individuals set out to get Twilight a new telescope?
  13. Who is the first villain to appear in the G4 version of MLP?
  14. How old is Twilight?
  15. Who is Twilight sister
  16. What are the name of Twilight's parents?
  17. Why did Pinkie made her identical copies?
  18. How many ponies of the mane 6 have blue in their cutie mark?
  19. When did the first episode of season 5 air?
  20. How many brothers of the ponies in the mane 6 are there?

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