How smart are you?

How smart are you really? I know you think you have what it takes, but do you really know Jack about Jack? Do you have so much useless information that you don't know what to do with it?

Or are you really just an average Joe? Take this quiz, so that you will know once and for all how smart you really are! And share your results with the world, whether they are good or bad.

Created by: Rachael

  1. What is an Ulna?
  2. What is the fastest animal on earth?
  3. What is the most feared animal in South Africa
  4. What is the greatest physical risk facing astronauts sent to Mars
  6. What was Robert Fulton best known for?
  7. What was the Chinese Exclusion Act?
  8. What was the capital of the Confederacy?
  9. What is Tegestology?
  10. What is the average Bra Size?
  11. What is the most shop-lifted book>
  12. What percentage of the Earth's surface is covered by Oceans?
  13. What country has the longest coastline?

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