the simpsons quiz

there are heaps of smart people in the world and a few that are smart!!! what is smart?smart is where you have a good mide and some time you might get thing wrong but most of the time they get things right!

are you smart? do you have enough power to do a simpson quiz well you can fing out and try a simpson quiz and see how smart you realy are and if you can show your self how smart you realy are and how much you pay to the simpsons well we will find out very soon !!!

Created by: sally

  1. who is sideshow bob's brother
  2. who dose millhouse have a crush on?
  3. who are marge's sisters?
  4. who is the clown in the simpsons???
  5. what colour is marges hair???
  6. what colour is maggies dummy???
  7. who is barts best friend???
  8. what dose lisa like to play???
  9. what dose homer like to eat and drink ???
  10. who is homers boss??
  11. what colour is lisa's dress???
  12. what dose bath ride??
  13. who is the bus driver on the simpsons???
  14. who is mr burns slave???
  15. who is revron lovejoys daughter??
  16. what is barts dog name??
  17. who dose homer hate???
  18. what is the name of mr burns long lost teddy???
  19. TRUE OR FALSE!!!! is bart 8 years old??
  20. TRUE OR FALSE!!! is lisa's hair yellow
  21. who is lisas musical idol?
  22. What is the name of the convenience store clerk?
  23. What is Marge's maiden name?
  24. What year did Homer and Marge meet?
  25. What was the name of Homer's confidante and one-time secretary?
  26. What foreign language does Bart speak?
  27. how many people in the simpson house
  28. What school do Bart and Lisa attend?
  29. What is the name of Flander's shop?
  30. What is Homer's middle name?
  31. What is Lisaâ??s middle name?
  32. Who did Lisa date for a while?
  33. What is the name on Bartâ??s credit card?
  34. Who shot Mr Burns?
  35. what was maggies first word??
  36. Who develops a crush on Lisa in "I Love Lisa?"
  37. who is ned flanders wife???
  38. who is the mayor??
  39. what is lisas cat name??
  40. how many streaks of hair dose homer have on top of his head??

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