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  • This quiz maker is a bad speller. And Sideshow Bob's brother is Cecil Terwilliger, not any of the choices in Question 1. Cecil was never a Sideshow. He was turned down. I am a Sinpsons fan, and a Sideshow Bob fan, I should know. Although, evilpenguin, I always thought Lisa's dress looked orange.

  • Yeah, evilpenguin. This guy knows NOTHING about the Simpsons. Horrible spelling. And Homer's onetime secretary was spelled Karl, not Carl. Lesa? Bath? He doesnt know the names right. And what is maggies dummy? Just asking.

  • whoever made this quiz can't spell. And hasn't been paying attention to certain things about the show. And lisa's dress is RED, not orange! Sideshow Bob's brother is Cecil, not mel. Grrz.


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