About the World

Well what is Planet Earth. Does it make you sick when people do disgusting things. Well if you pass this quiz you know alot about the world you live in. If not oh well you are an idiot.

Well if you attempt this quiz you will learn about many things, including the fact that you may dumb, please guess if you don't know because you get extremely annoying if you don't!!

Created by: Keenan
  1. What is Iron Man's real name?
  2. When did Joe Perry leave Aerosmith?
  3. Did the citizens of America find John F. Keneddy's murderer?
  4. What is the chemical formula for carbon dioxide and water?
  5. Which of the following light type is the most efficient?
  6. What are the days to be a Gemini?
  7. Which James Bond actor was in the most Bond films?
  8. Who is the host of "You Bet Your Ass"?
  9. Who did a cover of Black Sabbaths "Paranoid"?
  10. Who sang "War Pigs"?
  11. Who are the "Toxic Twins"?
  12. Who writes the lyrics to Rush's songs?
  13. What is Julian's actors name?
  14. Which ZZTop member says "Black Tie" in "Sharp Dressed Man"?
  15. Who is the bassist for Pink Floyd?
  16. How many days are in a leap year?
  17. What did enemy invaders in the middle ages launch out of gthe trebuchets?
  18. What is Dr. Frankenstein's firist name?
  19. Who sponsors "Robot Chicken"?
  20. Who does the voice for Wolverine in "Wolverin's Revenge"?
  21. Who played Batman in "Batman Forever"?
  22. Which album is "Shut up and Dance" from?
  23. Is "Cantaloupe Island" from Herbie Hancock.
  24. Is Sabretooth Wolverine's brother.
  25. What is Cryptosporidiums real number from the first game.

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